‘There’s a bigger difference between Magic Johnson and Curry than between Jordan and Kobe’: Richard Jefferson

A few weeks ago, Stephen Curry’s nomination of himself as the best point guard of all time sparked a debate, with many agreeing and many speaking out.

he ‘chef’ curry is a guest on the popular podcast Gill Arena Show He was asked about various topics and ended up causing a stir.

“Are you the best point guard/point guard ever?”, he replied bluntly “Yes, I am.” The discussion was between me and Magic, wasn’t it? That’s about having the best conversations. “

a few days later, Michael Jordan is said to have jumped into the ring himself to make sure the above statement is not true.

According to the report of Stephen A. Smith, the famous host of American TV network ESPN, the latter iswho is in the text message, the legendary chicago bulls will reveal Elvin ‘magic’ Johnson is the holder of this title.

Now, a new perspective is on the table as the former champion NBA and cleveland cavaliersRichard Jefferson (who accurately beat stephen curry in those epics 2016 NBA Finals led by him LeBron James arrive cavaliers); Question Curry’s statement.

Richard Jefferson during the podcast “Road Trip” pointed out The gap between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is much narrower than the gap between Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry.

It appears that these statements stephen currybut undoubtedly andA current player on the Golden State Warriors, he is one of the sport’s great references, building and leading the Warriors to 4 Larry O’Brien Trophies.

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