There’s cellulite and wrinkles!Sandra Sandoval Now Throws Her Filtered and Unfiltered Photos to Critics

La Gallina Fina has been taking natural photos so that those who always criticize her on social networks can talk about it enthusiastically.

Hey, La Gallina Fina is taking suggestive photos of her haters. Let me tell you, she has been uploading photos with and without filters for the past few weeks because netizens are always criticizing her photoshopped photos.

Now, La Patrona doesn’t trust anyone and throws away her photos without retouching, in her you can see all her imperfections Even your cellulite can cause wrinklesThat’s it, I don’t trust anyone.

“The first one is retouched, the last one I uploaded without my photographer friend @visionstudio_pa’s permission, the last two are tests but I love them too, sorry Carlos what happened It’s in the last one that you can see the cellulite, but you can also see @adolfo_coach’s work in the gym. I want to thank @cristian_aizpu07 for the dress, and @fuentedeoropanama for all the rhinestones on the dress.”

Of course, her fans will always think she’s beautiful, retouched or not, because at 54, she’s strong and wealthy. And he made it clear that he works very hard in the gym.

While some called him “annoying” because the photos were so different; others assured that many of the singer’s critics would not be the same as her.

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