These are Leones del Esgido’s franchise players for the 2023-24 winter season

Chosen Lion They are preparing for winter Dominican Republic Professional Baseball Leaguethey just officially announced the list of players in different states, highlighting that they are a franchise roster of pure talent. major league. On the other hand, they also point to a group of players who could sign with any team.

This is the franchise player list Chosen Lion:

Luis Castillo (P), Alexander Colom (P), Raphael Devers (if), Jorge Polanco (if), Julio Rodriguez (if), Michael Franco (if) and Carlos Santana (if).

Players with franchise titles are those who have won two or more championships without ever playing in a professional league ledomand does not count against active player limits at any time during the season.

Apart from, Chosen Lion They also identified their protected representatives:

– Gardener: Franky Cordero, Franmil Reyes, lake junior, Sandro Fabian, Jason Dominguez, Eloy Jimenez, Jimmy Paredes and Gregory Polanco.

– Infielder: Eric Gonzalez, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Adelin Rodriguez, willy castro, Jose Marmolejos, orlando calixte and Wendell Reho.

– Catcher: Pedro Severino, Yana Diaz, Freddy Battista, Gary Sanchez and Austin Wells.

– launcher: Elvis Peguero, Emmanuel RamilHereby, Gerson Battista, Victor Santos, Christopher Molina, Carlos Martinez, jerrys familywait.

On the other hand, these players are not protected and can sign with any organization in the league. ledom: Franklin Killom, Felipe Tejeda, Osiris Germain and Carlos ReyesExcept for the infielders Martin Figueroa.

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