“These are not my nipples”

Megan Fox love to wear provocative outfits that highlight it physicist perfection and its curves that made many dream. This time he did it with suit special, emphasizing all its beauty and, perhaps, something more. The selected dress belongs to Jean Paul Gaultier, from more than 430 euros. Vintage dress, 1996, previously also worn Kim Kardashian AND Lizzo who, however, chose bra very neutral to put under a dress transparent.

Megan Fox decided that it was too much and showed off her tall slender body, covering her with only two nipple covers. breast. But some misunderstood the photos.

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Megan Fox (aged 37) sported new look, coupled with her new hair color leaning towards orange and light brown. L’suit Jean Paul Gaultier Fans were surprised, but even more so by the signature of the model, who writes: “Before you get angry – these are not my nipples, calm down. They are safe and completely hidden under covers. nipples so don’t worry, we’ll all live another day without a break in the space-time continuum.”

breast on display, with nipple covers that can be deceiving, but no, “everything is safe,” as Megan Fox said.

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