“They don’t want to see her anymore.” But they keep getting a big check (with a raise)

Britney Spears she was once again at the center of the media whirlwind after her two children, Sean Preston (17 years old) and Jayden James (aged 16), decided to leave their mother, whom they had not seen for several months, and move to Hawaii. Children will continue to receivemaintenance allowance more than 36 thousand euros from Britney.

Former husband of pop queen Kevin Federline, made harsh statements against her: “Because Sean and Jayden were with me, they are happy, I saved their life,” she said. Britney Spears responded by accusing him of hypocrisy and that their kids “prefer to be with him because he smokes weed”.

In short, there is a lot of hatred between them, which has intensified in recent days, after the boys decided to leave the club. Californiato start a new one lifewithout seeing mother. Let’s go see what happened.

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OUR children From Britney SpearsSean Preston and Jayden James have always been at the center of the separation between her and her ex-husband. Kevin Federline, ended with the guardianship entrusted to the father. Every month since 2007, the queen of pop has to pay a check for service more than 36,000 euros to Kevin for his children until they are 18 years old.

Since the children decided to move to Hawaii, something has changed because the service laws are different. Indeed, in the American Archipelago, a monthly allowance must be paid until the end of service. 23 years old children.

With all this, a source close to the boys said that they were not going to say goodbye to their mother, who had not been seen for more than a year, until the wedding of Britney Spears and Sam Asgari: “Britney Spears he won’t see his children until they leave California. The boys are ready to move in Hawaii with ex-husband Kevin Federline without saying goodbye to her mother. Britney and Kevin’s two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, will move to Hawaii with their father and his wife Victoria. Kevin urged the boys to see Britney before they left, but they they didn’t want“.

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