They found a case of swine flu infection in a worker at a farm in Lleida

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has reported a case of swine flu in a worker at a farm in Lleida, but no further cases have been detected in the region.

Spanish authorities report the contagion January 29 last year and has been published in the ECDC weekly newsletter, corresponding to the week of January 28 to February 3.

According to European agency reports, the patient is a human case of swine flu infection With H1N1 virus variants, transmission from animals to humans is unusual. HTo date, only 73 cases of human infection with A(H1N1) have been detected worldwide.

patient No history of underlying diseases and developed symptoms (cough with mucopurulent sputum, fever, malaise, and myalgia) on November 25.

Chest X-ray showed no signs of pneumonia, and the patient was diagnosed with bronchitis when he presented to the outpatient clinic.

However, the ECDC reported that on December 12, samples of nasal and oropharyngeal secretions tested positive for influenza A, and upon more detailed analysis, swine influenza A (H1N1) was identified.

patient fully recovered To date, no new cases have been identified among close contacts (households) or colleagues on the farm.

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