‘He’s the best. ‘He’s the standard!’ Patrick Mahomes draws bizarre comparison to Michael Jordan after former Cowboys Tony Romo’s back-to-back Super Bowl wins over 49ers

patrick mahomes The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions again. They won their third Super Bowl in four finals. This is a rare feat in the NFL world. This prompted an odd comparison between former player and current commentator Tony Romo. Romo compared Mahomes to possibly the greatest player in basketball history, Michael Jordan.

After Super Bowl XVIII, Romo claimed during live commentary on national television;

He is the best. He is the standard. Michael Jordan!

Even though Patrick Mahomes won his third Super Bowl title and his second of back-to-back titles in four games, the comparison is odd. Such a performance is unprecedented in the NFL. It is a team sport involving 53 athletes. However, the individual talents of basketball players have a much greater impact on the outcome of NBA games than those of NFL players. If Mahomes misses a game for any reason, the rest of the team can still perform well and sneak in a win.

Jordan dominated the NBA Finals he played in. Their performance made the Chicago Bulls the best team in the league for a decade. When Jordan retired, the Bulls were winless both times. That’s his influence. That’s how important he is to the team.

Of course, if Mahomes hadn’t played in the Super Bowl, there’s a good chance the outcome would have been different. But his individual brilliance was never enough in a football game. This victory was the result of a collective effort from the entire team.

Key differences between Patrick Mahomes and Michael Jordan wins

It takes an NFL team 53 players and countless coaches and training staff to win the Super Bowl. In comparison, the NBA only requires 15 players, 3-4 coaches and a much smaller support staff. Mahomes needs the remaining 10 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters, 11 special teams players, etc. Well played. They won the Super Bowl tonight with a score of 25-22.

On the other hand, Jordan only needed 2-3 superstars, 3-4 bench players, and a great head coach to win 6 out of 6 championships. The two cannot be compared.If it were that easy tom brady They should be more than the 7 titles he has. But he had to go through nine years to win his fourth championship.

If it were that easy, everyone could be like Jordan on their own playing field. But there is only one Michael Jordan. No one can match what he accomplished as a winner.

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