“They only have one choice”

although Fans on social media are adamant that he has no plans to return to professional football in 2023, but they are still speculating that he could return this fall. Rumors have circulated on social media over the past week that the 46-year-old highly regarded athlete could join the Minnesota Vikings, although there is no solid basis for this claim.

The speculation comes after Vikings starting quarterback On October 29, he suffered a torn Achilles tendon, forcing him to miss the remainder of the season.

Where did the rumors that Tom Brady might join the Vikings come from?

Many in the NFL community recommended that teams contact TB12 because Athlon Sports According to reports, considering their current record is 4 wins and 4 losses. Last week, @ProFootballTalk tweeted: “Am I the only one who thinks the Vikings should call Tom Brady?”

This sparked an outpouring of reactions from fans, who began sharing their thoughts on the rumours. “Tom Brady looks at the 4-4 Vikings after Cousins ​​is out for the season,” one fan wrote alongside one meme.

Another added: “Kirk Cousins ​​is an amazing person and quarterback. I really love him. If he misses the season, the Vikings have only one option: pursue Tom Brady. “

Someone else shared a photo of Brady and wrote: “Just a photo of #Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. That’s all.”

As fans know, Brady shocked the world when he decided to rejoin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season on March 13, 2022, just 40 days after announcing his retirement.

In the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys, Brady made history by becoming the oldest starting quarterback in the NFL.

In October last year, he and his wife of 13 years also shocked many people. Gisele Bundchen, announced the divorce. The marriage between the quarterback and the 43-year-old supermodel came under scrutiny earlier this year amid tabloid rumors and speculation.

This comes after Brady returned from retirement and Bundchen expressed her concerns about the potential long-term health effects of playing football due to Brady’s violent personality.

The former couple have two children together: benjamin14 and they have lived10. Brady is also the father of his son JackAged 16, he lives with his ex. Brigitte Moyna.

Brady linked to supermodel Irina Shayk From July to October this year, sources revealed people magazine Their short-lived relationship “kind of fell apart.” Over the past few months, the two have been spotted seemingly dating and traveling to and from their apartment in New York City.

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