They predict Covid-19 in the U.S., but not as badly

Experts do not believe there will be severe cases or prolonged rebounds.

The latest figures from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that many indicators of Covid-19, including hospital admissions, emergency room visits and positive tests, are on the rise.

According to the explanation, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic, will be placed on the same timeline as many other pathogens or viruses that attack the respiratory tract, such as common diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. Late summer and early winter.

Three-and-a-half years after the pandemic that shocked the world and killed millions, the now-popular Covid-19 still hasn’t gone away, a commentary on a local radio station noted.

Other pathogens that can cause flu-like symptoms or stomach upset, such as adenovirus, norovirus and rotavirus, are circulating at much higher levels this summer than last year, according to the CDC.

Likewise, the CDC is tracking a series of co-circulating Covid-19 variants, all of which appear to be second- or third-generation descendants of recombinant XBB, each with slight genetic tweaks that make them healthier and more contagious, he said. CNN.

These gradual adjustments of the virus were to be expected, the station added, and no sudden evolutionary jumps like the ones reported for Omicron variants were reported.

However, experts believe that another similar variant is likely to emerge within the next two years.

More than one million people in the United States have died from Covid-19.


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