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Tough time for Raquel Mancini: They guaranteed she was broke

Raquel Mancini’s tough time: They’re sure she’s broke – Credit: @Tadeo Jones

recently deceased Silvina Luna At 43, he has put plastic surgery on the agenda of Argentinian show business this year, complicating the health of more than one person after his kidney failure worsened due to cosmetic surgery blunders.The most famous case is Rachel ManciniThe well-known model from the 80s, among numerous operations and surgeons, underwent liposuction and ended up in a coma.

This is how Aníbal Lotocki was present: “Reality” shows how he touches up Raquel Mancini’s makeup

die Silvina LunaCosmetic surgery marks a turning point in the entertainment world after spending 79 days in an Italian hospital. Therefore, different TV programs have touched on this topic.

Tuesday night on them The case of one of the first celebrities to suffer the consequences of plastic surgery has been resurrected: Raquel Mancini. Although they deliver images of models concentrating on themselves Hannibal Lotockiwas designated for Silvina Luna’s death, the fact that she never targeted him or condemned him, as was the case Pamela Sosa and steffi cipolitakisas the case may be.

“One of the people who underwent surgery with Anibal Lotoki was Raquel Mancini. Her health was in dire straits due to other surgeons, not just him. When we asked the surgeon, she denied this was the case.“, Angel de Brito introduced.

“He lived with his mother and brother because he had nowhere else to live”pointing to the show’s coverage, later adding: “His career took off, and at the same time his health problems arose. The media said he was addicted to surgery.” Become unconscious.

Another difficult moment for the model was that she had to be admitted to the intensive care unit as she had pneumonia and influenza A. “At some point, there was talk of eating disorders and misuse of antidepressants”said the report read by Marcela Feudale, a member of the cycle panel.

Raquel Mancini’s Covid-19 experience: ‘I don’t even remember what my voice was like’

Raquel Mancini talks about her health in conversation as she suffers from pneumonia remote communication (Thirteen). “I’m fine, I’m in very good health. I had pneumonia a few months ago, but that’s it,” he said, before adding: “I live with my mom because she is 85 years old. He fell and was on crutches. She lives in a big apartment and I can’t leave her alone because she can’t bring anything.”

The model detailed why she was living with her mother at the time. “We’ve always been a very close family. My dad passed away and the least I could do as a daughter, despite all the love my mother gave me, was to move, be with her, be with her. Not that I’m on the street. everything is normal.My life is like a whole country’, he explained. Although according to reports themits reality, out of the focus of the media, is another matter at this time.

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