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If you are building house on the hill, he is remembered at the summit, where the view opens and sunsets greet the passing day. But Grace Mortlock and David Neusteinfrom an Australian study Other architectsthey chose the opposite, although that place on the hill seemed so obvious.

Panorama 360 degrees

They had to build a cottage for a Sydney couple, show business figures known to the Australian television audience.. Location: Little paradise, old farmland in the South Highlands, near Sydney, and the aforementioned hill, the highest point in the area. Up: 360 degree panorama, view of the sea and pastures behind. “Everything here was perfect,” says David Neustein.

Access to Highlands House is given by the remains of a previous building. “You walk past the old house to the new one,” says designer Grace Mortlock.Clinton Weaver

House of modest size and framed views

Everything except that house over there at the foot of the hill, an old building, poorly made and devoid of any charm. A much more famous architect than the Other Architects practically already has a commission for a new building in his pocket.. His suggestion: a picturesque location on the highest point of the estate. Mortlock and Neustein almost casually talk to clients and an invitation arrives to visit the site and exchange ideas. And then, quite unexpectedly, a request: a house to replace the old one and with its almost the same, somewhat modest dimensions; the interior is a single space with great flexibility, in the spirit of the region’s old which privacy was nothing and optimal use of space was everything.

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