this is harmful to health

We sometimes live a crazy life: always running from one place to another, doing one thing after another, and dealing with dozens of problems at the same time.Therefore, when we must go to the bathroomand many people used this time to continue processing various procedures and orders.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in the bathroom. cell phone But in reality, we should abandon this practice because it carries various risks. What’s more, expert research and recommendations aim to exclude the device when we access the service as it may be unhealthy.

If we take our cell phones into the bathroom, we can only continue to use them there. We use our time this way, or just use it as a distraction. Well, we shouldn’t do that anyway.


When we’re in the bathroom with our phones, we can’t escape the fact that even if we clean ourselves up well afterwards, there’s still something left on our hands. In fact, the general advice (just remember the most common advice during and during the pandemic) is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after using the bathroom to avoid these problems.

But if we enter the bathroom with our phones, we are constantly operating the terminal, even after we have cleaned ourselves, and in many cases (most of the time) even before being able to wash our hands properly Do.

So it’s not surprising that some of the bacteria that can be transferred from our waste to our hands can also be transferred to our phones. That’s the problem. For some reason it was already warned some time ago that portable terminals accumulate many times more bacteria than a toilet brush. No more, no less.

cross infection

The habit of carrying your mobile phone to the toilet can easily lead to contamination of your mobile phone microorganism Such as bacteria, fungi, etc. That’s why if we take our phone for repair, it’s best to clean it before using it again. In this way, we will eliminate the possibility of fecal bacteria present in the stool, such as E. coli, sticking to the stool.

But these don’t just contaminate your phone, as urine can also spread some diseases by spreading the bacteria present in it. Therefore, touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth, or any other mucous membrane with dirty hands may lead to conjunctivitis or respiratory infection.

And not just coming out of the bathroom.The thing is, when we transfer them to the phone, can we go from there It’s in your hands again Once we pick up the terminal again, even though we’ve cleaned ourselves up before. So, from now on, think carefully about how much better it would be if you left your phone outside the bathroom.

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