Three in five people over 65 have been vaccinated

Navarre respiratory virus season has arrived Three in five over-65s have had flu and covid-19 vaccinations. The vaccination campaign started on October 16 and aims to protect the most vulnerable: People over 60 years old, patients with high-risk diseases, and children 6 months to 5 years old who are newly vaccinated this year.

A month and a half later, in the prelude to a regional bridge that promotes social interaction, The health department has administered 244,000 doses of vaccine, 139,790 for influenza and 104,393 for covid-19. That leaves people over 60 with 60% coverage against influenza and 52% coverage against coronavirus, according to the department’s latest figures. However, vaccination rates were higher among older age groups: 67% protection against influenza in those over 65 and 59% against covid-19, and 59% protection against influenza in those over 75 75%, 75% protection against covid-19. covid-19 is 67%.

While on a positive note more than half of people over 60 are protected against both viruses, it’s worth noting that Salud set a target of over 75% coverage, a percentage that has been achieved in recent years , and in response to what is still missing from this campaign. therefore, Public health authorities encourage people in this age group and above to get vaccinated to avoid serious illness Taking these doses “significantly reduces the likelihood of severe illness, especially in high-risk groups,” due to respiratory viruses.

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The respiratory virus season has begun in Navarra, with a high number of acute respiratory infection cases reported in primary care and hospital admissions last week, totaling 30 cases. The latest epidemiological report details, The rate is 714 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which is much higher than at the beginning of the month (471 cases).. As a result, the spread of respiratory syncytial virus in particular increased, with 43 confirmed cases (a threefold increase from the previous week) and 16 hospital admissions. Eight hospitalizations for Covid-19 and 12 cases of influenza were also recorded, six of which required hospital admission.

On the other hand, public health experts said cases of acute gastroenteritis fell last week, 358 of these cases were seen in primary care.

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