Three tips to change quilt cover easily and quickly

Three tips to change quilt cover easily and quickly

Change sheet This can be a bit tedious, especially on busy days when we don’t have much time to do it.However, it is recommended Maximum time between washes These fabrics are a week Completely eliminate mites and other bacteria.

the difference betweenNordic & Traditional Quilts The first cover must be separated from the rest in order to be washed, as it is the part that comes into direct contact with the body.

But that’s exactly what great difficulty and discomfort Nordic quilt. Because while taking out the filling may be easy, putting it back in the lid can be frustrating.

To make changing beds no longer a problem, we bring you three tips to help you change your duvet cover quickly and easily.

Tips for changing quilt cover: roll it up

Start by laying your duvet cover on the bed. Cancel, that is, the part that contacts the body upward.Place the duvet filling on the duvet cover, then Start scrolling both Pass through the closed end of the cap.

When you reach the end, turn the corner to the center and start Close button or zipper Quilt cover. Then fold the other corner, close and unfold. The duvet and duvet cover will be placed over the bed again.

Tips for changing your duvet cover: with the help of tweezers

This tip for easily changing your duvet cover is one of the most used. Stretch the duvet cover and start inserting the duvet until you reach the upper corners.Now Use tweezers to hold the duvet cover and duvet (Or, failing that, safety pins) Pin it around the edges and keep it well stretched.

This technique for changing a duvet cover is very similar to using tweezers, except that the replacement is done All you need is a bed and a wall. Start by placing the top corners of your duvet properly inside the duvet cover, then secure them between the bed and wall (or headboard) in the same way as before. Finally, you just need to stretch the duvet enough and place the base correctly.

Then you just stretch it and place the duvet in the lower corners and close it.Tips for changing your duvet cover: Change it with the wall

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