Three towns in Navarre that drink water from Quils start receiving water from Tudela

With the exception of Malón in Zaragoza, three of Navarre’s eight municipalities drink water from the Dehesa reservoir of the Cueles river, which has already started Received from Tudela Determining whether the catchment area is contaminated is awaited.

With this measure, the Mancomunidad de Aguas del Moncayo, which brings these places together, wants to extend for another week the use of water filled last June as suitable for drinking, until the results of an analysis by the Aragonese government determine whether protozoa are “present”. Is Cryptosporidium present at this time?

La Dehesa, in Aragon, provides drinking water More than 23,000 people With the exception of industry on the coast of Navarre, reserves will only last until next week. To alleviate the situation and prevent water sources from drying up, Tudela has started supplying water to Mulchante, Bunuel and Riba Forada.

«It is technically possible to transport Merchant water to the other two towns Because they are at lower heights, but not others that are higher or far away, large pumping systems are needed,” explained Tirso Calvo, president of the Moncayo Water Association and mayor of Ribaforada. Except Outside of Maron, the remaining towns include Abulitas, Barillas, Corella, Monteagudo and Tulebras.

In this way, currently available stocks “will be allocated to those stocks that are unlikely to be found available” alternative sources of supply», explains Calvo.

UV rays in the swamp

Furthermore, the MP added that the Commonwealth has acquired UV systems, which are the most effective Eradication of Cryptosporidium‘, which will be installed in the swamp filter.This technology means Investment of 170,000 euros.

Mayor Riba Foralada expressed confidence that within next week at the latest, the conclusions of the samples collected by the Aragonese government at the Tarazona water collection station and its water supply stations will be made public. The four affected municipalities, which also include Novalas, Torrelas and Los Fayos, as well as the Queiles water collection point used to fill the Dehesa reservoir .

“Almost a month later, it is necessary to find out how far this parasite has reached and whether it is still present or has disappeared. Besides The investigation must continue Until the origin is finally determined,” Calvo said.

The mayor of Zaragoza Maron, Ana Carmen Calavia, noted that residents have so far been “calm” because the water quality in Radhesa has been guaranteed, but that it has been “some uncertainty” Given the prospect that it will be depleted, the presence of this microorganism in the reservoir has not yet been completely ruled out.

Affected by the gastroenteritis epidemic

520 was registered by the local health center despite everything indicating Will be higher because some people have milder cases and don’t go to the doctor.

The health department has stopped updating this data because analysis conducted since September 20 last year did not find the cause to be protozoan, suggesting that acute gastroenteritis detected since that date may form the basis of the normal number of cases in this population. . Condition.this alarm A month ago over the weekend it jumped September 9th and 10th.

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