Thrillers to watch on Netflix in August

Including a “modern ghost story”, a ruthless hunt for a group of people, and an investigation into a mysterious series of murders.

You are looking for thriller to stream on Netflix? There are many options available when browsing the most recently released titles. For example, it is available from July 27th. Paradise. The story is set in a future where years of life can be passed from one person to another. To pay off her debts, the main character of the film, Elena (played by Marlene Tanzik) “pays” with 40 years of his life. Husband Max (Kostya Ulmann) is doing everything to make up for the lost years of his wife. Here are others recent thrillers search.

rabbit bite

Director Doe Reid (who has already signed to Shining Girls, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Outsider in the past) and created with a group of Australian creatives, it is a thriller and horror movie (on the picture) available for viewing from the end of June. Netflix calls it “one modern ghost story The action takes place in rural South Australia.

The main character is Sarah, a fertility specialist who notices her daughter’s increasingly bizarre behavior. Trying to find an explanation, he will have to question his beliefs and fight the ghosts of the past. V cast board bite (original name Run Bunny Run) Eat Sarah Snook (from Legacies and Beautiful Lies), Lily LaTorre, Damon Herriman (Thai Cave Rescue, The Serpent, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and Greta Scacchi (Darby and Joan, The Shepherd) ).

The script was signed by Hannah Kent, already known for the films “Woman of the Woods”, “Devotion and I Let the Storm in”. “Rabbit Sting is a unique horror film because it is about a woman and touches on issues such as motherhood, guilt and the female psyche. Sarah is a careerist, and this gives many of us one of the strongest feelings of guilt. explained the director.


On Netflix there is another movie Hunting, directed by Craig Zobel: although it was released in 2020, it was only available for streaming for a few weeks. Screen adaptation of the story The most dangerous game filmed in 1924 and written by Richard Connell, the film is about a group of people who gather in a remote place to hunt people. However, one of the victims, Krystal, manages to turn things around. The cast included Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, Emma Roberts and Hilary Swank.


From the end of July on Netflix this is also found Murderer. thrillerwhich lasts a couple of hours, he says detective investigation who, after a series of murders in a small provincial town, is trying to catch the guilty killer. All suspicions fall on the Briton. The cast includes Pettai Wonghamlao, Eisaya Hosuwan and James Laver.

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