Tiger Woods’ millionaire savior restless and demanding about America’s decline

The ancient city of Rome was full of excitement these two days. As the game came to an end, both players tried their best to applaud the audience. exist! It was the home team – the European team – that was able to dominate the Western visitors. Ratings for the order currently stand at a combined 9.5-2.5 on the scoreboard.

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Now, with Saturday’s four-ball series underway, it looks like the Americans need to make some statements if they want to make history on foreign soil. But, like any other event, even the Ryder Cup seems to be full of ups and downs. These losses of the US team seem to have become a source of frustration for fans. Interestingly, it also includes a name closely associated not only with the queen of the golf course – Serena Williams – but also with golf star Tiger Woods.

Ryder Cup fever spreads to the entrepreneurial world


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In a recent tweet from former Reddit chairman Alexis Ohanian, anticipation around the world for the United States to win Ryder Cup glory seemed to be at its peak. Add a title to this post, “So that’s my personality now,” Ohanian shared a clip of his live broadcast of the biennial tournament on television. His comments were a direct indication of how the event had everyone on the edge of their seats, including the businessman.

Additionally, the golf enthusiast added a message of encouragement for his parent team, Team USA, writing: “Come on America! Turn this thing around.” The text seemed to indicate the overall setup of the scoreboard, with the Europeans thoroughly overwhelming the Americans.

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However, his message also seemed uniquely suited to the scenes displayed on his screen. At this moment, European star Robert McIntyre made a stunning birdie on the 6th hole, giving the pair of Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth no chance to maintain the lead.

The scores in the afternoon four-ball game seemed to be in Team USA’s favor, but the overall scorecard defined the exact opposite. However, this isn’t the first time Serena Williams’ partner has shown interest in the sport of golf. Just having his name associated with TGL and its inaugural team is a testament to Alexis Ohanian’s commitment to the club and the game.

Tiger Woods-Alexis Ohanian Golf Alliance


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While it’s no news that entrepreneur and businessman Alexis Ohanian has been a big part of TGL, his respect for Tiger Woods goes way beyond that. Not long ago, the 40-year-old announced the big news of investing in Los Angeles Golf Club, one of the upcoming league teams, along with Serena and Venus Williams.

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Recently, the team also welcomed football star Alex Morgan to join the team. Now, while these big names certainly prove the authenticity of the Tiger Woods-Rory McIlroy-initiated alliance, it’s the features that double the appeal of the series. Thanks to Ohanian keeping viewers updated via his social media platforms, fans know, “Y’all ain’t ready for a live mic show at @tggolf in January.”


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Additionally, while showing off a coaching video from the 15-time PGA Tour champion, the Reddit co-founder was clearly excited about the launch of the technology-based league in January. He also pointed out that Woods himself is using one of the features that should be included in TGL events. Back to the ongoing Ryder Cup, are you also excited looking at the scoreboard? Share your views in the comments section.

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