Timothée Chalamet, chronology of his love stories

Timothy Chalamet – one of the most beloved young actors in Hollywood. Having captivated the audience thanks to films such as Dunes, laywoman AND call me by name directed by Luca Guadagnino (with whom he also filmed Bones and all), the 27-year-old actor entered the Hollywood Olympus. His career brought him fame, but Chalamet also became an unwitting gossip hero thanks to his love acquaintances. Let’s go through them.

2017, flirting with Lourdes Leon

In 2013 (i.e. when he was 17) Timothy was associated with Lourdes LeonMadonna’s eldest daughter. While studying at LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts in New York. Chalamet and Lourdes started dating, but as far as we know, the flirting was pretty short-lived to the point where many thought it was just fake news for over a decade. At least that was the case until Madonna’s daughter confirmed that she was bride With Timothy Chalamet during an interview with Vanity Fair in April 2021. “I have a lot of respect for him, he was my first boyfriend,” admitted Laudes Leon, for the first time saying that yes, the rumors about his history with Timothy Chalamet (star movie Dunes 2) were true.

2018 – 2020: the story with Lily-Rose Depp

The most discussed relationship of the 27-year-old guy today remains the relationship with Lily Rose DeppDaughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. The young couple dated for about a year and was photographed in Capri as they exchanged a tender kiss that officially marked the start of their relationship. Timothy Chalamet AND Lily Rose Depp they met and fell in love on set King in 2018, and then finally left in 2020 for reasons that have not yet been revealed. “I spent the whole day on this boat with a man I loved very much, and closing my eyes, I thought:“ This was great, ”and then I woke up with all these images and felt embarrassed,” Chalamet said. GQ revealing that he didn’t get over his first “media relations” very well, as well as those very personal moments he experienced that then went around the world (despite himself).

2020: Eiza Gonzalez moment

Photos that revealed flirting between Timothy Chalamet And Eiza Gonzalez came as a surprise in June 2020, a few weeks after the official ending of the story between the actor call me by name and Lily-Rose Depp. Hot kisses between the 27-year-old and 33-year-old star Fast & Furious – Hobbs & Shaw Eiza Gonzalez, while on holiday in Cabo San Lucas. The photos went around the world, revealing a flirtation that never grew into something more. “They were together for a short time, only during that trip to Cabo,” said the insider. AND!. stop further gossip about this couple who (apparently) never existed.

2023: Kylie Jenner’s latest story

In April 2023, the first rumors they wanted began to spread. Timothy Chalamet AND Kylie Jenner I am dating. This news was at first taken lightly, and this despite the numerous paparazzi who immortalized the girl. Kardashian as he drove his Range Rover out of the home of an actor who would soon be in a movie Wonka. According to People Kylie AND Timothy they allegedly approached the Paris Fashion Week held in February of this year when jenner AND Chalamet they were repeatedly noticed among especially relatives and accomplices.

Could a spark have been ignited in the city of love between a fashion show and a super glamorous event? Maybe yes, but at the moment it is known for sure that from now on Timothy Chalamet AND Kylie they began dating secretly, first appearing together with the paparazzi in June at his house.

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