Timothée Chalamet finally responds to Armie Hammer’s cannibalism accusations

Timothée Chalamet won critical praise for his portrayal of a young cannibal in the 2022 film Bones and All, which – in a strange twist of fate – was overshadowed by the media frenzy that engulfed one of the actor’s co-stars from another film. the movie “Armie Hammer” at the time of its release.

Chalamet graced the November cover of GQ magazine, and in an interview before the Hollywood actors’ strike, he was asked what he thought about starring in Bones and All as Hammer, his co-star in the 2017 romantic drama Call Me Yours ” Name” was accused of sexual assault.

At the time, messages allegedly sent from Hammer’s social media accounts appeared online that contained references to violent acts, including drinking blood and cannibalism.

“I mean, what were the odds that we were developing this thing?” Chalamet recalled to GQ his role in a film about a cannibal at the same time. Regarding rumors that the controversy would somehow be mentioned in Bones and All, he added: “It made me feel like, now I actually have to do this because it’s actually based on a book.”

He was a little more reserved when it came to his personal feelings about the allegations against Hammer, with whom he once had a close friendship.

“I don’t know,” he told the publication. “These things end up being clickbait. Disorientation is a good word.”

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Actors Timothée Chalamet (left) and Armie Hammer (right) at the 2018 Academy Awards.

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Hammer has kept a low profile since 2021, when allegations against him first became public. That same year, a woman who said she had a four-year relationship with the actor accused him of rape.

Although Hammer has repeatedly denied all criminal wrongdoing, the ensuing scandal forced him to abandon a number of high-profile projects, including the romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, starring Jennifer Lopez, and the Broadway play Minutes. Earlier this year, Los Angeles County prosecutors dropped sexual assault charges against Hammer, saying there was insufficient evidence.

In contrast, Chalamet’s star continued to rise with plum roles in Dune and other films. This holiday season, he will return to the big screen as eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka in Wonka, a prequel to Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The GQ interview marked the first time Chalamet has made any official comment about his Call Me By Your Name co-star since news of the allegations broke. When Time magazine asked about the allegations in 2021, it noted, “I completely understand why you’re asking, but it’s a question worthy of a broader conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial answer.”

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