Timothée Chalamet was inspired by Austin Butler’s Elvis for his Bob Dylan.

The young Hollywood star admitted she felt inspired to achieve more after meeting the Oscar nominee on the set of Dune 2. To take his place as a folk legend, he needed the same professionals who helped Butler impersonate Presley.

The film doesn’t have to be released. Timothee Chalamet be considered a man of the moment. The New York star is so loved that he pushes him away GQ periodically dedicate a cover to him, which has happened three times in the last six years.
The meeting with the American magazine became an opportunity to give a long interview, in which the twenty-seven-year-old guy spoke freely about himself. Among the many answers, what he said about his was more than interesting growth as an actora process to which two big Hollywood names contributed last year: Tom Cruise AND Austin Butleran actor who came close to winning an Oscar playing Elvis.

Butler will be coached by Bob Dylan

What should an actor who is already considered good do so as not to deceive the expectations of the public and, no less important, his own? It’s simple: he must prove himself to those whom he considers better than him. That’s the lesson Timothée Chalamet learned lately as he apparently fell off the radar.
Chalamet didn’t disappear, he just stopped doing what he used to do to hug. new habitswhich makes sense as you go through the transition from your twenties to your thirties, trying to recapture some of that spontaneity that is often stolen from a young actor who becomes an international star very (too) quickly.
This life change also included moving from the East to the West Coast and buying a house in Los Angeles, which allowed him to meet new people (does the name Kylie Jenner mean anything to us?) and focus. about acting. Chalamet is preparing to become Bob Dylan for biographical film Complete unknown James Mangold, this is no easy task considering that the folk legend is still alive (and might want to weigh in someday, who knows) and that there are many actors who have already taken on the character (only in I’m not here there were six of them, all very noble).
Chalamet has upped the ante and after the meeting Austin Butler on the European dial Dunes 2asked him for the contacts of those who helped him become Presley, a role that brought the Californian a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. That’s why in Los Angeles Chalamet worked with three trainersfor training your voice, speech and movements.

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Letter from Tom Cruise

Before an exciting meeting with Butler, whom Chalamet called an incredibly reliable professional and a wonderful person, the main character Dunes 2 received the first call to arms from one of his myths: Tom Cruise.
Star The task is impossible sent it email after graduation Dunes sending him the gods “fatherly” advice. The current standard of Hollywood is no longer what it used to be, Cruise warned, and the decision is his alone. prepare seriouslywith full training.
Chalamet also worked hard physically, becoming more skilled even in the fight scenes, a difference everyone noticed on set. Dunes 2. For the young actor, following Cruise’s advice has become a must as he adores the film’s protagonist. Top Shot: Maverick. In the same interview, Chalamet admitted that he had view Fine eight times continued dThat Best shooter and also showed it to crew members and actors Dunes 2 in the summer when the film was filmed in Budapest.
So in 2023, Timothée Chalamet immersed himself in the role of Bob Dylan, who, according to those who prepared him, it won’t be an imitation but a personal synthesis of the singer and songwriter through the actor. Fans can’t wait to see what Golden Boy Hollywood.

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