Tips to protect your stomach on September 15

There are many kinds of Mexican food and they are delicious. People usually eat different traditional dishes during the National Day. However, eating too much of some foods can cause stomach discomfort. Today we will introduce some to you. September 15 Tips to Protect Your Stomach.

that night September 15 They usually celebrate with family and friends, often having Mexican food for dinner, and while delicious, some of it may cause stomach pain if too much is eaten.

Tips to protect you Stomach this September 15

this gastritis It can cause severe pain, heartburn, reflux, and general discomfort. The risk of discomfort due to gastritis is increased tonight, as eating spicy food or overeating can cause intestinal discomfort.

Therefore, it is necessary to take Diet-Related Precautions;While there’s no need to stop eating the foods we love and go on a strict diet, changing small habits can make a difference. Here are some suggestions from experts for enjoying a meal on these dates while taking care of your health:

this quantity of food What you eat, whether it’s spicy or greasy, can have a big impact on how you feel after eating it. When we eat too much, the stomach is forced to work extra hard to process everything. This may cause excess gastric acid secretion, which can worsen symptoms such as: acidity or Reflux.

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  • maintain a balanced diet

When we party we want to try everything, Choose main course only. Eat wisely and choose to pair it with other snacks that are less heavy and easier to digest, such as soups and vegetables, which will help you feel full faster and avoid overeating.

drink enough water Apart from helping to break down food in your stomach during festivities, it keeps your digestive system in good shape and controls appetite. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it can irritate the stomach and intestines.

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  • Consult a health expert

if you have recurring problems and aciditythis gastritis and Reflux, you should know that some popular medications don’t address the underlying problem, and there are studies warning about their side effects. It is recommended that you receive professional care to find a treatment option that better suits your needs.

please remember, September 15 This is a day to celebrate and spend quality time with family and friends rather than walking around feeling bad, so it is important that you follow the above advice and take care of your health today and always.

(Information from: Department of Health, Mayo Clinic and Kano)

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