Today’s diary | Arrests and seizures in the “Chespi róga” in the terminal area

There were several young people on the property who had drug problems.Photo: Senate

The place was a focal point for drug sales and consumption, causing fear among residents of the La Victoria community. Authorities seized a dose of crack and arrested one person.

They arrested at the scene Oscar Dario Franco Vera, 45According to the investigation, he was accused of being responsible for the distribution of illegal drugs. They seized 12 doses of the potent drug from their property ready for sale.

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During the raid, There were several young men there who clearly had drug problems. According to neighbors, the people living on the property have brought uncertainty to the entire area.

The delegation was led by prosecutor Laura Guillén and SENAD agents from the Urban Operations Directorate, who carried out It will be put into operation this Tuesday afternoon.

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On the order of a representative of the Public Ministry, the detainees and all evidence seized were transported to the SENAD operating base.

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The raid resulted in the arrest of two people and the seizure of various evidence. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office.

A raid inside the San Rafael Nature Preserve ended in a shootout. Two people were arrested in the process.

he public ministry,Depend on Tax Attorney Jose Nunezand National police support lead one Operating in the forested areas of the San Rafael Nature Reservelocated in Tawai District, Kasapa Province.

When intervening, Security forces came under fire from unknown assailants. When he became aware of his presence, They tried to scare them away by shooting.

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two people arrested after the shooting.its about Jorge Eladio Ayala and Misal VillalbaWHO they have a warrant Issued by tax attorney Mirta Arévalos.

In fiscal and police proceedings, realized Found a makeshift tent and a load of marijuana.which indicates that it is a Drug collection and processing center.

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Other evidence seized was A long-barreled rifle, a shotgun and a rifle, assorted cartridges, as well as a Nokia mobile phone (simulated) and assorted clothing.

suspects They were sent to the third police station.san juan pomuceno Keep communications free of confinement and at the disposal of competent authorities.

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Highway Patrol inspectors conducted multiple inspections this week. Photo: Archives.

Last week, the Highway Patrol sanctioned more than 300 drivers who tested positive for alcohol, along with other offenders.

within a week including From September 10th to 16ththe highway patrol conducts an inspection Various controls on the main routes in the national territory.

Because these control procedures 620 vehicles were seized, including 93 motorcyclesvarious violations of traffic and road safety laws.

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list Led by 302 drunk drivers They tested positive for alcohol Nationwide, 3,348 tests have been conducted.

this highest number As in the previous case, there was a drink driving record, There are 195 central departmentsaccording to the agency’s report.

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they were also detained 9 vehicles without license plates and 59 vehicles overtaking improperly. The remaining numbers correspond to those delayed due to positive alcohol tests and other violations.

Last week, Highway Patrol Insp. Intervened in 40 traffic accidentsin It was recorded that 20 people suffered no physical injuries, 15 were injured and 5 died. So far, 20 people have been injured and 7 people have died.

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The tanker leaked alcohol a few meters away from the petrol station. Image: Video capture.

An alcohol leak occurred in a tanker truck in San Lorenzo on Sunday. Due to the efforts of firefighters, the incident did not escalate.

This Sunday around 2:00 pm, Flammable liquid leaks in a Copetrol Sign Service Station Located in front of the San Lorenzo Highway Patrol Post.

The liquid in question is Alcohol, leaked from tanker where it was transported It started spilling onto the ground.

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After receiving the call for help, they rushed to the scene Volunteer firefighters from San Lorenzo Company 7who received Support of San Lorenzo Red Firefighters.

One interventionist told the NPY channel Following a cooling protocol, they poured water on the truck for more than an hour. “When we arrived the smell was very strong and there was alcohol all over the floor.”

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It is speculated that a leak may have occurred Due to a malfunction in one of the water tank valvesHe explained that this exacerbated the heat.

become A few meters from the service stationconcerns about the dangers it represents have increased, so Firefighters worked to contain the leak before tragedy struck.

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