Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure Arrives at Disneyland Paris

Work hard to create dreamturn it into emotion and convey a magical moment of life that will never be forgotten. It is the highest form of love that can be given and Disneyland Paris he tries again, even surpassing his standards, until he gets him on stage the most exciting and joyful show. From the following July 15basically debuting. original and exclusive production for a European location, accompanied by a live orchestra capable of singing every pleasant heartbeat on seven notes, which will inevitably captivate audiences of all ages. “Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure” is a tribute to the most beloved Pixar characters on stage at the Studio Theatre, located in Walt Disney Studios Park ready to dance, have fun and tell the story of friendship and cooperation, which has much in common with the harmony that binds the creative team of the park.

Musical and poetic journey

Disneyland Paris new show therefore, it is destined to become a must when visiting the magnificent complex of Marne-la-Vallee, which rises 32 km east of Paris and conveys a deep message about the beauty of human feelings. Together he talks about how music and friendship can unite everyone and work wonders. Therefore, the worlds of Toy Story, Coco, Ap, Monster and Co, and Finding Nemo are not isolated and inaccessible, and each main character comes into contact with the life and hands of other characters who have accompanied several generations.

applause for the preview

A new immersive show has been shown to a limited number of guests (including us) at the end of a very demanding 6 month run. The artistic direction combined their skills and talents, mixing traditional and advanced technologies special lighting, multi-sensory effects and modern choreography. The orchestra played the most iconic music as well as original works to highlight the event. A real challenge, not always easy and without confidence in success (the one that came immediately, under a few minutes of applause), as confirmed Mathieu Robin and Arnaud Ferage, directors of Disneyland Paris. “The biggest challenge in a project of this magnitude was time. Until yesterday, we were wondering if this would work, and today we are happy with the result.” Also in attendance were actresses Valentina Romani and Natalie Portman, digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni and French actor Omar Sy, as well as several international stars.

Huge team work

News Disneyland Paris is another testament to the dedication and creativity of the artistic, production and technical teams of actors. Costume designers, puppeteers, dancers, musicians, decorators, lighting and special effects artists, engineers and many others worked together every day. Alongside them, there was no shortage of outside big names not directly associated with Pixar Animation, such as Romain Rachlin-Borjo, France’s Got Talent finalist, tap dancer and founder of the RB dance company, Celine and Kane Kitsais, multidisciplinary choreographers and founders. dance project “Le Labo”, and Anne Gravoine, trained violinist and executive producer of AG Productions, responsible for the selection of musicians for the ensemble. A show within a show that further cements the resort’s position as a leader in entertainment in Europe.


Charlie loves music and dreams of conducting an orchestra at the school prom. However, his desire is tested by an unexpected event: the child loses notes literally the day before the concert. As he falls asleep, Woody and his Toy Story friends join forces to bring him back in various Pixar stories. The scene unfolds between joy and color, featuring Coco’s vibrant chromatic gradations, beloved Toy Story characters, the fun cast of Up and Monsters & Company, all the way to the absolute marvel of Finding Nemo’s underwater coral reef among guests, surprises and special effects. Over 30 artists and Pixar icons are on stage for a performance that combines innovation and tradition in an epic adventure.

Numbers and cast, what to expect from Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure

First on stage music which features prominently and combines a live orchestra and a soundtrack recorded with 54 musicians at Nashville Studios. It is she who, with melodies with a gentle or assertive rhythm, but invariably full of pathos, accompanies the audience on a journey beyond time and space, for complete immersion in beauty.

The plot and proposed effects project those present directly onto the stage, wrapped in soft clouds or funny soap bubbles, evoking the same emotions in them as the main characters. Surprise is always around the corner, summarizing Ferage and Robin’s bold artistic vision:Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure it was conceived as a multi-sensory experience that could stimulate Guests’ senses through live music, vise technology, water effects, perfumes and more, thus blurring the fine line between reality and fantasy.” The numbers speak for themselves: from a life-sized mobile set 6.2 meters high and 30 meters wide to 453 square meters of LED screens stretching from floor to ceiling, this 650 square meter stage the most spectacular ever created at Disneyland Paris. The result is a triumph of proposition with an avant-garde lighting design featuring 200 spotlights that highlight movement and music – perfectly merging the surface and the performers on stage – as if through an aerial view of the dancers that turns them into a giant kaleidoscope.

Curiosities and Gadgets

“Together we are one” is an original creation for TOGETHER: a Pixar musical adventure exclusive to Disneyland Paris. The music was produced by Guillaume Coignard and Jonathan Barr and then recorded in Nashville. In addition, for the occasion, we have prepared a wide range of colorful Pixar-themed products and fashionable clothing. Also, you can try some Pixar style treats. Guests can head to Walt Disney Studios Park for a refreshing dip and sample delicious original Magnum® creations at the Ice Cream Creations food truck, such as Car’s Race Track Treat (vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate frosting, raspberry and mango flakes, three scoops of chocolate ) or Cowboy Crunch from Toy Story (vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate frosting, ground almonds and praline flakes). There will also be new gadgets and colorful Pixar clothing.

Actors and talents

Who are our heroes who gladly meet everyone on the colorful stage? The variety of Pixar friends is very large: Woody, Army Greens, Mike Wazowski, Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, Bullseye, Carl, Russell, Sally, Nemo, Marlene, Dory, Miguel. Total creation “Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure” more than 100 actors participated. Here are the main names and their skills:

Creative Direction: Arnaud Ferage and Mathieu Robin (Disneyland Paris) Executive Creative Director: Dana I. Harrel (Disneyland Paris) Executive Producers: Paul Nichols and Françoise Barbier (Disneyland Paris) Producer: Astrid Gomez (Disneyland Paris)

Screenwriter: Thomas Morion
Choreographers: Celine and Kain Kitsais, Romain Rachlin-Borzho
Music production: Guillaume Coignard (Disneyland Paris)
Music production and contractor: Jonathan Barr (Disneyland Paris)
Contract Orchestra: Anne Gravoine (AG Productions)
Production Supervisor: Manon Morin (Disneyland Paris)
Project Manager Technical Development: Thierry Souela (Disneyland Paris) Machine Design: Jean-Luc Galini, Jean-Marc Godefroy (Disneyland Paris) Costume Designer: Isabelle Antoine (Disneyland Paris)
Scenography: Yves Olier (Disneyland Paris)
Special Effects: Metin Sig (Disneyland Paris)
Video design: Martin Clairel (Disneyland Paris)
Sound Design: Vincent Lusteau (Disneyland Paris)
Lighting Designer: Jimmy Marion (Disneyland Paris)

The message of the show and music

They say that we are all part of a single reality, united by a thin thread that binds each person. This is why no one is ever truly alone, and why friendship is the special universal language of love. To scan its depth here music, in which everyone is involved, regardless of age, skin color and differences, and which is able to keep the viewer’s attention on the script. On stage, he finds himself at the center of the story, and Charlie’s friends do everything to help him find the lost notes, fulfilling the child’s dream of attending a school concert. Eight musicians and piano, violin, trumpet, cello, guitar, drums and saxophone are an integral part of the narrative that accompanies the audience in every scene. All together, in any situation, to quickly find a solution. This is what the original production teaches us. If you surround yourself with the company of others, you will win anyway, because success is precisely together: Together! Read full article
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