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From ancient peoples to barbie

The color of summer is definitely pink, also thanks to the highly anticipated film. Barbie which has just been shown in theaters around the world.

Pink is widely featured in most fashion collections, but its success can be attributed to more than just a movie about dolls. Mattel. Pantone in fact, he already revealed in late 2022 that Viva Magenta, a very bright shade of pink, would be the color of 2023.

Pink, the color associated with women and women, has been used for some time to break this belief. Ever since people started using it as a pigment, pink has served different functions across cultures and time periods, covering very specific roles. In the twentieth century, for example, it became the characteristic color of the female sex, but it was also represented as a symbol of rebellion and pride.

In popular culture, pink has always been associated with femininity. Between the 1990s and 2000s, the feminization of pink reached its peak and the so-called “Barbicor”, a fashion for bringing aesthetics and colors to the real world and to your own style Barbie.

In 1997 Aqua released the song barbie girl and in 2008 Mattel recorded a certain shade of fuchsia as “Barbie Pink“. At the time, pink was all over the place in fashion and pop culture. It was a color that was featured in very popular films such as Revenge of the Blondes AND Mean Girls and star MTV like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Pink and antiquity

Pink color is often found in nature and has been used by people since ancient times. Recent Article National Geography he explained that the bright pink pigments were found in 1.1 billion-year-old rocks from fossils of the billions of tiny cyanobacteria that once populated the oceans in large numbers. 9,000 years ago, the people of Peru wore leather garments dyed pink by red ocher, a pigment composed of iron oxide, one of the oldest pigments used by man.

In Egypt, ocher was also used to paint the lips and cheeks, because when in contact with the skin, it gave a pink color, similar to a blush, which was associated with love, sexuality and beauty.

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