Atletico Madrid: Defense investment has paid off

Atletico hastily bolstered one of Simeone’s most troublesome defenses in recent years this summer: Defense. One of his hallmarks was the foundation of his style, with Diego Godin and Miranda building his first league.but in recent years, yes The performance of two power stations such as Savic and Giménez is beyond doubt When they are at full body level, Yes, when you check his medical history, Suffering from injuries, unable to continue the game. Even formed a couple several times in the past two seasons.

Signings like Felipe’s didn’t pan out. And Lodi. It was difficult for Hermoso, but his clean passing made him important in the back three. Reinierdo has been successful and has been the best Rogi Blanco defender of the past year and a half, but he suffered a broken knee in February and Simeone has not been able to count on him since. Reguilon passed without settling.Simeone is already in his squad ahead of the trip to Los Angeles San Rafael Four new defenders: Cesar Azpilicueta, Cagra Soyuncu, Xavi Garland and Santiago Mourinho. Two games this summer are enough to show that the bet has paid off. Azpilicueta and Soyuncu were key to Atletico’s victory over newly crowned European champions Manchester City in their second pre-season game. It’s still a summer game, okay, but the first commandment it leaves is that. Neither Savage nor Jimenez were available when Simeone made the appointment. But at least they have a spare.

The Uruguayan didn’t even travel: he tore his tibia in the last training session, he will be out for at least a month, and he won’t be playing in the tournament. Jimenez has performed at an outstanding level since the World CupHe always did when injuries couldn’t stop him, but he’s only had one injury since. His regularity has been key to Atletico’s escape from their poor pre-World Cup form. He missed the final game of the season to undergo an arthroscopy and start the preseason in full, but he suffered a new setback. Savage, who is on tour, missed the game against Manchester City at the last minute with gastroenteritis.

The back is covered with Söyüncü and Azpi

For Atlético fans, Söyüncü is a very strange person. The Leicester City centre-forward, who played just seven games in the Premier League last season, has been plagued by various physical problems. But from day one in Segovia he stood out for his power, aerial power and speed.. From the start, he caught Jolo’s eye, and against Manchester City he beat the best scorer in the world today: Haaland. Savage’s loss opens the door for Eleven, and you can count on that. At the same time, Azpilicueta appeared at Atletico Madrid as if he had grown up in the mountains.

Gal and experience, he has the calmness of a football player, people listen when they speak. From day one, he’s been in pictures of the heavyweights in the locker room. But his figure didn’t just stay in the locker room, he also arrived on the field.He was outstanding against South Korea’s K team, and he shined in a three-man formation as a right-back against Manchester City, the position he was asked to occupy, not just the right side. Both games have passed and both have been integrated. What pleased Simeone was that he felt his back was protected even in the absence of Savage and Jimenez.

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