Ranking of songs at the moment hits July 2023

“Daylight” by Harry Styles is July’s new hit for international music, also on the runway for TXT and Billie Eilish.

Harry’s style the protagonist returns this summer with a new single “daylight”, which conquers the July top of our ranking dedicated to the best international music. After seeing him as a newt in Music for Sushi Restaurant, here he is as a tightrope walker who wanders around the circus. The piece, accompanied by a thought-provoking video directed by Tanu Muinho, is part of the Harry’s House album. The artist was filled on July 22 last year on the Italian stage in Campovolo at the end of the world tour, which began in September 2021. Second place for a boy band. Tomorrow X Together (.txt extension), who collaborated with the Jonas Brothers on the track “Do it like this“. It’s an exquisitely catchy pop song that’s topping the charts and will be among the main characters this summer of 2023. Billie Eilish He did “What was I made for?one year after her last single and is featured on the Barbie soundtrack, written and directed by Greta Gerwig and in Italian theaters from July 20, 2023. In this intimate ballad, she plays the piano, while in the film, she may represent Barbie’s journey of spiritual self-discovery in the real world.

PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYL8vLUyOtaHFW8CMSrQHnZhqyQaMYqFp

July 28 video clip “jealousy“, an energetic rap track from Offset and Cardi B. For the American rapper, this is the third single of 2023 after “2 Live” (with Hit-Boy) and “TBS” (with R-Mean and Scott Storch). Fifth position forSeven” From Jeon Kuk member of K-Pop group BTS in collaboration with American rapper Act. Record debut with over 15 million plays on Spotify in the first 24 hours of posting and one of the fastest singles to reach number one on iTunes in 100 countries. The perfect motif for a light and fun summer, with a punchy beat and Jersey Club-inspired rhythms, this romantic serenade celebrates the desire to spend every day of the week with your loved one.

Post Malone anticipated the July 28 release of Austin with the single “Mourning“, an introspective song that has a dreamy dimension to it. July 8 video clip “I see younew release Taylor Swift; the video features the team breaking into the vault, in which they find the album cover framed as if it were a painting. This is how he talked about the choice of the three main characters in the video:I chose Joey King, Taylor Lautner and Presley Cash for the lead roles. Joey and Presley were in the “Mean” video when they were 9 and 13 and they’re back and they’re so ridiculously mean! Taytay is amazing in this video (she didn’t have a stunt double!), and it was great to be on set with Taylor Lautner. The story of the three Taylors! I’ve always wanted to shoot the fight scene/heist storyline and I really enjoyed scheduling it with my amazing DP Jonathan Sela. So proud of everything“.

With “super shylet’s find out from the neighbor le NewJeans who released their second mini-album “Get Up”. The all-female South Korean K-pop group filmed the music video for “ETA” on an iPhone in collaboration with Apple to showcase their photography and video capabilities. The group includes Minji (2004), Hannie (2004), Daniel (2005), Harin (2006) and Hyun (2008).

Karol G. published”S91a single where, as we already had the opportunity to talk about how to overcome difficulties in troubled times, when there is often no shortage of opportunities to rise. The global superstar reminds the world to always be grateful for the hard times that are seen here as real opportunities.

For fans of the reggaeton genre, our musical journey begins with Rau Alejandro AND Miguel Bose with single “yes you pay“. There is also remixes from the single”So-so” From Oma Lay With Ozuna Bye Mike Towers offers”la la” is taken from the album “La vida es una”, the third in the studio for the Puerto Rican artist. We continue to dance to the notes “cellular“, a Latin pop song that pairs the world’s Latin superstars for the first time with a DJ/producer with billions of plays. Nick Jam, smokers AND Maluma.

Former member of OneDirection, Zane Malik released a singlelove like this”, which marks the musical return of the multi-platinum artist, songwriter, producer and philanthropist after two years of silence with the song. “love like this It’s a summer song that I’m very proud of and can’t wait for the whole world to hear. I’m currently working on my new album which is coming out soon and I can’t wait for everyone to see what comes out of it.— said the multi-platinum artist.

K-pop” marks a collaboration between Travis Scott, bad rabbit AND Weekend and in just 3 days reached 15 million streams flying on various international charts. Included in the album “Utopia”, the fourth in the studio of the artist, author and producer.

Among the most original pieces of the month, we include the piece Tinashe V “talk to me nicely“. This is a sultry track with R&B, pop and alternative elements. “Weekend” this is a new signed proposal Stormzy and Rave written by Michael Omari and Rachel Keene during Diplo throws his ballad”Heartbroken” in collaboration with Jesse Murphy and Polo G. There is also Ava Max on the Barbie dancefloor soundtrack”Choose your fighter“. An energetic track that will make you dance all summer long.

Top Ranking July 20, 2023 – International Music

  1. Harry Styles – Daylight
  2. TXT Jonas Brothers – Do it
  3. Billie Eilish – What am I made for?
  4. Offset & Cardi B – Jealousy
  5. Jung Kook feat. Lacto-Seven
  6. post malone mourning
  7. Taylor Swift – I see you
  8. NewJeans – super shy
  9. Karol G – S91
  10. Rauw Alejandro x Miguel Bose – Si te pegas
  11. Zayn – Love is like that
  12. Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd – K-Pop
  13. A$AP Rocky – Riot
  14. Omah Lay x Ozuna – Sosso (remix)
  15. Tinashe – Talk to me nicely
  16. Mike Towers – Lala
  17. Stormzy & Rave – Weekend
  18. Diplo feat. Jesse Murph and Polo G – Heartbroken
  19. Ava Max – Choose Your Fighter (from Barbie The Album)
  20. Nick Jam x The Chainsmokers x Maluma – Cellular

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