Tom Brady pays the highest praise to his niece Maya Brady, 22

Typically, Tom Brady is considered the best athlete in his family. Anyone with his athletic ability would be the greatest athlete to their name, unless they were somehow related to Michael Jordan, LeBron James, or Michael Phelps.

However, the legendary quarterback doesn’t even believe he’s the best athlete in his family. It’s hard to imagine for a guy with so many NFL records, but that’s what he thinks.

He, Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald hosted A’ja Wilson on their “Let’s Go!” show. During the podcast, Gray mentioned Brady‚Äôs athletic family. He said:

“I want to ask you (Aja Wilson), do you know who the best athlete in the Brady family is? It’s Maya Brady. She plays softball.”

I go on to list the incredible honors she has received:

“She was an All-American at UCLA and one of the best softball players in the world. So don’t let those rings with Tom fool you. Maya has the title that runs in the family.”

Brady agrees:

“I agree, love that. It’s also a good thing that the family is well outnumbered. So I can learn from my niece (who is a little younger than me) as well as my sisters.

The former New England Patriots quarterback credits his 22-year-old niece, who he believes is much more athletic than him. She’s one of the best softball players in the world, and podcast hosts agree she’s a better athlete than quarterback.

Tom Brady isn’t the best athlete in his family

Tom Brady is considered one of the best athletes of all time, and this is a layup. He won seven Super Bowls, but most athletes never achieve that level of success.

Tom Brady praises his niece

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback didn’t even say he was the best athlete in his family. Brady doesn’t consider himself the best athlete in his namesake, giving much of the credit to his young niece.

He’s played at the highest level of the NFL for more than two decades, so he knows a thing or two about being a great athlete. His words are important to the topic, so he’s probably right.

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