Tom Brady played decisive role in Kevin Durant’s decision to join Warriors

arrive fans boston celtics You may not like this story, but you have to listen to it because it is truly unbelievable.What a story this is tom brady It was requisitioned as a heavy artillery resource celtics sign Kevin Durant In 2016, when he decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.agent KD, Rich Kleimanlet’s dig into what happened.

He recently participated in a program Showtime Basketball in “All the Smoke with Matt Barnes.”Kleinman He decided to make all his decisions public Kevin Durant In 2016, this eventually brought him to Golden State Warriors have Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.Those three celebrities are here to visit Durant at a house in the Hamptons to convince him to play there.

Bad advice from Tom Brady to Kevin Durant

Three other teams bidding KD yes Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics. All three teams sent envoys to the Hamptons to meet with Durant and his agent.he hot bring to Pat Rileycoach Gregg Popovich Representatives present Spurs and Celtics They think they’ll bring in Tom Brady to convince Durant this is a good idea.

However, this decision ended celtics Take over the stars.It turns out Brady go for a walk with KD and gave him the worst advice. boston. But the way Klayman tells the story is absolutely essential. Durant announced that he would warrior July 4, 2016. The rest is history.

that’s what he said Rich Kleiman: “I remember when the Celtics came in, they had the Celtics and (former Celtics president of basketball operations) Danny Ainge, Jae Crowder and Kelly Olynyk were all there There. But here comes Tom Brady. So it’s like, ‘Well, shit, they’re really trying to level the playing field.’ so(Brady and Durant) for a walk together, and later KD said:

“So he told me, in a nutshell, I should look for the best team, the best organization, the best chance to win no matter what.” Brady told me to go to the Warriors. It’s not an easy thing for KD to do, like, ‘Hey, where’s the 73-win team? This shit is about him really getting into his head and trusting the game. He made the decision based on basketball and it all happened there and no one else because once he went through it, it was all clear. “

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