Tom Holland reveals his favorite Spider-Man. And his choice will surprise you

With release Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseAs the highly anticipated animated sequel to the adventures of Miles Morales and his companions, we’re gearing up for countless new incarnations of the iconic Marvel climber from multiple universes.

The Sony animated film is further proof that Spider-Man is now one of the most versatile characters in pop culture, successfully managing to find his footing in both the world of animation and the world of live action. These are certainly busy days for fans of the character, and in the last few hours Tom Hollandacclaimed interpreter and official of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to confirm the important appointment.

The British actor has actually unveiled his most favorite movie dedicated to the character and, quite surprisingly, he is not one of those who saw his participation firsthand. In this regard, Holland actually stated:

I think the first Spider-Verse movie is the best Spider-Man movie ever made. I am so proud of all the participants. Amy Pascal is like a mother to me. I had to go with her as an escort. I couldn’t go because I work here, but I’m incredibly proud of them. I look forward to continuing. I’m sure it will live up to all expectations, for example i can’t wait to see this.

If things seem to be going smoothly on the animation front, some seem to be heading into the future of live-action incarnation of the character. uncertainty.

In recent months, Marvel Studios has announced plans to create a new trilogy centered around Tom Holland’s character, who is set to reprise his role in an unofficially titled project. Spiderman 4. This initiative, although still in its early stages of development, is facing some difficulties due to a well-known writers’ strike that has put many Hollywood projects on hold.

Although this initiative is supported by both the actor and the studios involved in the project, it will ultimately influence on the planning of various aspects of production remains undeniable. What’s more, it’s unclear at this point whether this new series of films will become an integral part of the MCU (something that seemed obvious until recently) or if it will somehow mark Tom Holland’s Spider-Man film debut. Spider-Man universe from Sony..

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