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Crowded Room Apple TV+ Series Director Akiva Goldsman and by book Daniel Keyescaptivates and excites, introducing the theme of multiple personalities and offering one of the best acting challenges for a lead actor Tom Holland.


“Crowded Room” – All Information


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Danny Sullivan is a shy and awkward young man who is dominated by Marlene’s godfather, who appears to have been abusive in the past. The only people Danny feels like himself with are his lifelong friends Mike and Johnny, at least until Danny meets Itzhak and Ariana, two enigmatic figures who live in the so-called “house -ghost”: the building is many years old. Thus, Danny leaves his house with no problem and moves into a ghost house; the requests of the mother and the godfather to return to live with them are useless. Relationships with Yitzhak and Ariana cause Danny’s traumatic past to resurface in his mind, buried under scraps of painful memories and imaginary identities. One day, Danny, aiming at Marlin, is arrested for shooting along with Ariana at the Rockefeller Center in New York, injuring several people. Ariana is unknown where she is, and even Yitzhak seems to have disappeared. While other ambiguous personalities are introduced in Danny’s stories, detective and psychologist Riya tries to figure out what Danny is hiding and what really happened during that shootout. But the truth comes slowly, ending with a shocking revelation for both Ria and Danny himself.


  • DirectionStory by: Akiva Goldsman
  • ThrowCast: Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, Lior Raz, Sasha Lane, Christopher Abbott, Will Chase, Zachary Golinger, Jason Isaacs, Emma Laird, Levon Hawke, Sam Vartholomeos, Henry Eikenberry, Thomas Sadoski, Leila Robins, Thomas Parobek, Henry Zaga
  • Type: thriller, drama
  • Seasons: 1
  • Bet: 10
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Distribution: Apple TV+
  • Date of issue: June 9, 2023


Flawless performance in a bad show

A Crowded Room is undoubtedly an imperfect series where the truth waits too long and Riya’s character seems to jump to conclusions. But there is nothing to say about the interpretation. Tom Holland, is perfect for the role of young Danny, who can be a guy with relationship difficulties, a ruthless serial killer, or a man who has no idea what his mind is capable of. The story told in “A Crowded Room” is inspired by a true story Billy Milligansuffering from multiple personality disorder, even if the crimes Danny is accused of are of a completely different nature, an element that allows the Apple TV+ show to focus everything on empathy.

That’s the power of Crowded Room, the intense empathy that manages to evoke the character of Danny Sullivan, a boy who doesn’t know what he’s capable of, who wants to heal and who has been trying to erase the past for years. Here is and account for suffer, that literally broke his. Tom Holland proves his performance episode after episode, which makes him completely different characters, able to switch from one to another in a few seconds and make them all easily recognizable. The show’s thriller matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčinteresting, overall well thought out, and entertaining at the right time, but the show’s value lies primarily in those discoveries that the show takes all the time to discover. However, giving a more attentive viewer the opportunity to suspect what later turns out to be a reality.

“A Crowded Room” and Major Supporting Characters

By focusing on Danny Sullivan, the show manages to give a more or less complete picture of his surroundings, from his mother to friends Mike and Johnny, from Detective Ria to a young Annabelle, making some, like Jack, Itzhak and Ariana, deliberately more ambiguous. A Crowded Room is a collection of very different characters, some you learn to love, some you learn to hate, but they all aim to make the series a good product. The real question of A Crowded Room is not whether Danny is guilty or not, but who Danny is, what a split personality is, and whether a conscious person can control and be aware of it.

Introducing him and wanting to partly answer this question, a series based on the book “A Room Full of People” Daniel Keyes, selects a specific setting, 1979, when the disorder was not yet fully recognized and no one was ever acquitted of insanity, despite being guilty, and therefore sentenced not to prison, but to a psychiatric hospital. A reference to the struggle that has been waged over the years not to make mental illness a taboo. In the case of multiple personality disorder, this was often seen as a more or less conscious attempt to avoid jail or, depending on the crime, the death penalty. True story Billy Milligan he also differs from Danny’s character in other characteristics, but the years are the same.

“A Crowded Room”: Judgment and Conclusion

Crowded room

Flawed but undeniably compelling, the series manages to change its face when at last every viewer can get inside Danny’s mind and understand what “multiple personality” really means. “A Crowded Room” chooses a specific representation of this disorder, from a personal, internal point of view and an intimate point of view, focusing on the character, his appearance and his psyche. Danny is a boy who has been ravaged by childhood abuse, who has seen who should have loved him, denied all evidence, a man who does not realize what he is capable of and wants to try to heal, to realize who he is. And the Apple TV+ show shows it too. Just think of the statement made Tom Holland: “The last role in the “Crowded Room” destroyed me.” And in fact, having seen the series, it is not difficult to believe in it.


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