Tom Holland visited the set of “Dune”: according to Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet remembers Tom Holland showing up on the set of Dune 2 to greet Zendaya, adding that the two together represented “Hollywood at its best.”

Tom Holland on the set Dunes 2 It’s not just a rumor anymore. It was he who revealed this joke Timothee Chalamet. Actor during an interview GQremembered the time when the main character of the new trilogy Spider-Man appeared on the set of a science fiction film. The reason is in the title: Zendaya. Tom Holland met her thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first film in the Sony-Marvel trilogy that brought Peter Parker back to the big screen. Zendaya plays MJ, Peter’s better half, in the MCU, but even in real life it seems like there is excellent understanding. They confirmed their relationship for several years even without the cameras, and Timothée Chalamet recalled the time Tom Holland showed up on set, highlighting their chemistry.

‘Dune 2’, Timothée Chalamet remembers Tom Holland’s visit to the set

Dune Chapter 2 was originally scheduled to debut in theaters in November 2023, but due to SAG-AFTRA strikethe release has been delayed and will only hit the big screens next spring. Paul AtreidesTimothée Chalamet’s character will return with Chani for the predicted battle and will do anything to avenge his destroyed family. Meanwhile, Timothée Chalamet revealed some interesting details from behind the scenes, revealing how Tom Holland showed up on set to greet Zendaya. To the microphones GQ he recalled:

It was incredibly valuable to spend so much time with Zendaya and her assistant Darnell, as well as Tom, who came on set. They are equals, they represent good Hollywood. Hollywood, full of energy. And then there was Austin and Florence. I felt like I was creating my own community with people who cared about the right things.

The actor also mentioned the new cast of Dune 2. Florence Pugh AND Austin Butler (regarding the latter, he interpreted this as an on-set inspiration for his way of working). Tom Holland then showed up on the set of Dune, but only to say hello and support his other half. Therefore, he will not participate in the science fiction chapter as stated earlier. As for his co-star, Timothée Chalamet already praised Zendaya in an old interview published last year. Diversity:

He’s not done yet, which is amazing. It works just as hard as the first one and is incredible, but with a few extras. She became like a sister to me. I’m so grateful that I can have her by my side as a partner, a friend and a sister, and also share stories about how great it is to work with Luca Guadagnino because we both worked with him, albeit on completely different projects.

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