Tommy Hilfiger calls Shawn Mendes

Tommy Hilfiger calls Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes in a shot from the Tommy x Shawn Classics reborn campaign (photo Craig McDean, courtesy Tommy Hilifiger)


“We are both committed to changing the paradigm for a sustainable future. Shawn Mendes he works with a spirit of inclusion, he has a great talent». Word of Tommy Hilfiger which he reveals in an exclusive interview with MFF his new collaboration with the Canadian singer-songwriter, with the birth of the capsule collection and the Tommy x Shawn Classics reborn campaign.

The official announcement will take place today showing that agreement under the banner of sustainability that will be put on sale tomorrow. On the other hand, Tommy Hilfiger has always defined the relationship with the young star as a “partnership with purpose”, starting from the first campaign together sealed with a donation of 1 million dollars to mitigate the environmental impact of the artist’s world tour.

And today the spotlight is on the next step with the launch of a range of 28 pieces of menswear and womenswear, redesigning the preppy preppy classics of the fashion house, including reconverted and high tech fibers and fabrics, as well as circular economy solutions . If of the four principles that inspired the collaborative work, Self reborn And Community reborn reflect on a contemporary lifestyle, the first two, called Color reborn And Materials reborn, in fact focus on sustainable innovations. That is, respectively on technology Recycromwhich produces the dye according to a new technique that converts the fibers from pre-consumer processing waste into colored powder, and on the material Circulous made from recycled textile residues mixed with wood fibre.

And the result of the work is shown in that campaign, creatively directed by Team Laird and taken by Craig McDean, whose launch will lead Tommy Hilfiger and Shawn Mendes to soon be the protagonists of events in London, Berlin, Milan and Mexico City, as well as a series of activations that will make the fashion house’s stores a platform of choice for activists and change maker. To close the circle by fully embracing that spirit that is reflected in every aspect of the project, even in the cast in which Shawn Mendes’ sister takes part, Aaliyahas well as friends and new generation talents like the singer Jon Vinyl and champion of change Deprise Lons. «Our sustainability work began more than ten years ago. It’s hard to say what the future holds for us, but I believe in an industry that wastes nothing and welcomes everyone», as Tommy Hilfiger himself said in this interview with MFF.

You described Shawn Mendes as a future-maker. What values ​​do you share?

We are both deeply committed to doing our part to shift the paradigm and create a more sustainable future. In this collection, we’ve teamed up to rethink the way we design and make clothes, to reduce their environmental impact. Shawn works with an inclusive spirit that shines through everything he does, he’s so talented.

How does this capsule encapsulate the spirit of Classics reborn?

Classics reborn is our seasonal theme and campaign, featuring a new collection that reinvents fashion icons. When I showed Shawn our archives, he identified with our original preppy pieces from the 90s, so we worked to reinterpret them in a contemporary way and gave them new life using recycled and innovative materials. It’s a collection of classics for the present and the future, proving that classics never go out of style.


What is the ultimate goal of this collaboration? Will you create new collections together in the future?

It is another step towards realizing our sustainability vision and we also hope to inspire people to think about how to live in a contemporary way. We worked following different pillars. One, Self reborn, reflects the commitment to look at ideas, passions and perspectives with new eyes, right down to what we wear. Another, Community Reborn, highlights the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who push us to be better. Shawn and I have learned a lot from each other. This collection represents the culmination of the collaboration for now, but you never know what the future will bring.

What are the next destinations of Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainable journey?

It’s a long-term commitment that began more than a decade ago. We must always be aware that there is still a lot to do to create a future of fashion to be proud of. Our goal is to design all of our products in a circular way. In terms of social policy, the People’s Place program amplifies our efforts to increase access and opportunities for historically marginalized groups in the fashion industry. They are currently working on the New legacy challenge 2.0, a design competition that provides opportunities for underrepresented communities in the creative industry.

Working with Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton and Zendaya has crowned her a master of collaborations. How important are co-creation moments?

They are very important because they give new life to the brand. Collaborating with creatives who push the limits is and always has been part of our DNA. We’re always looking for pioneers who use their voice for good and stay true to themselves, Shawn is a great example.

The question of how to stay relevant in the industry is often a challenge for creatives. What’s his secret?

Our collections find new life through the self-expression of a new generation. This can also be seen in our Classics reborn, which reimagines preppy classics with a cast of up-and-coming creative talent. With reinvention, we stay relevant. We continue to push the boundaries of modern prep together with the most important and pioneering culture-shapers of the moment.

As for the brand’s future projects?

People want to see brands they love take their sustainability and inclusion efforts to the next level, and I believe the future of fashion depends on it. Added to this are emerging areas such as the metaverse, which allows us to connect with audiences around the world in experiential and inclusive ways. It’s hard to say what the future holds, but I believe that an industry that wastes nothing and welcomes everyone is the direction to take. This is our sustainability strategy. And where do we want to go. (All rights reserved)

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