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It’s not just history that puts on a show like this

Travel with Barbero

7:00 – 21:15

Professor Alessandro Barbero makes his program debut. In the first part, he talks about his journey, his relationship with history and using it as a compass in the modern world. In the second, he will relive one of his famous lectures, traveling back in time surrounded by Roman-era columns.

Young Montalbano

Paradise 1 – 21:25

Apricot is the last episode of the second season of the series starring Michele Riondino. Livia (Sarah Felbelbaum) helps Montalbano prepare for his move to Genoa. First, the commissioner solves the case of a girl who died in an accident. Leaving Vigata is not easy: on May 23, 1992, Giovanni Falcone was killed along with his wife and entourage. Montalbano remains in Sicily.


Italy 13:00–21:20

Luc Besson entrusts work on the thriller to the heroine of Scarlett Johansson, a student living in Taiwan. She is forced to deliver a briefcase with mysterious contents to Korean gangster Mr. Jang. He kidnaps her and inserts one of the resulting packages into her body, which breaks. The content develops superpowers, the secrets of which only Professor Morgan Freeman knows.

TV Guide Tonight September 11, 2023: Nights One and Two

Paradise 1
21:25 YOUNG MONTALBANO Director Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, along with Michele Riondino, Sarah Felberbaum, Alessio Vassallo Salvo and Livia, are about to move to Genoa. But that day in May 1992 and what happened on the A29 motorway leading to Capaci left Montalbano speechless, now he knows what he needs to do…

23:30 Our things Flower in the sails. Presenter: Emilia Brandi. Inside: 23:55, 1st evening.

Paradise 2

21:20 POWDERED MILKSHAKE Director: Navot Papushado, Karen Gillan, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett, France/Germany/USA 2021, Action To protect a little girl, a killer reunites with her mother, also a professional killer, to defeat a secret society of powerful men.

23:20 Underdog. Presenter: Laura Tecce

Inside: Weather 2

Paradise 3

21:20 DIRECT OUTPUT Under the leadership of Riccardo Iacona, PresaDiretta traveled to Tunisia in search of the reasons for the instability of the country, which had become the main point of departure for migrants to Italy.

23:15 Human factor Procedure

Network 4

21:20 FOURTH REPUBLIC Nicola Porro explores current events, politics and economics. An in-depth analysis of the main events affecting the country was delivered in the company of many guests.

Channel 5

21:20 BIG BROTHER Host – Alfonso Signorini A new episode of the reality show begins, hosted by Alfonso Signorini with the support of Cesara Buonamici. Unknown people and show business figures enter the door of the most spied house in Italy.

Italy 1

21:20 LUCY Directed by Lucie Besson with Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Minsik Choi, France, 2014, Action, Lucy, kidnapped by gangsters and forced to work as a drug courier, takes the substances she carries with her and her intellectual abilities grow.

23.10 Atomic blonde Directed by David Leitch. With Charlize Theron, James McAvoy (Thriller, 2016)

Inside: Tgcom24 Latest News


21:15 DEMOCRACY AND DICTATORSHIP. TRAVELING WITH BARBERO A journey into history with Professor Alessandro Barbero, who tells us about democracy and dictatorship.

23:00 Salvador Allende

Sky programming tonight 11 September 2023

Sky One

21:15 Alessandro Borghese – famous chef (v. 2 ep. 13, 14)

23:25 Alessandro Borghese – 4 restaurants (Art. 9 Ep. 2)

Sky Atlantic

21:15 Time to Win – Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

23:00 Time to Win – Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (Art. 2 Ep. 3)

23.45 Domina (Art. 2 Ep. 1, 2)

Sky Cinema One

21:15 Murder Club. Camille Delamarre, with Henry Golding

23.10 When. Walter Veltroni and Neri Marcore

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