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Today, pink bows are everywhere. This badge reminds us that we should always check ourselves to see if everything is OK.

Self-care can be complicated. Many women I know live with diabetes, colitis, high blood pressure, gastritis, etc. day in and day out. I mean, most of the time they put nursing fourth or sixth. Their priorities are family and activities and they worry little about themselves until one day pain becomes a way of life and then the system deteriorates.

I have heard countless times the story of the stewardess who said that to save people, you must first save yourself, meaning if you are sick, you cannot try to help others.

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? The problem is, most working people eat what they can in the few hours they have left. They run from place to place trying to be women covering everything with their ten little fingers.

The worst part is, there is no time to do anything at all. I don’t know about you, but in most cases, a common complaint is lack of time. We live in immediacy. We shop, we go to meetings, we buy supplies, we try to balance our kids’ schedules with our own, all for a ten-minute break in the car, the waiting room, or wherever we feel tired. scope.

We believe we are defeating time, activity, and life, but there will come a time when we become dehydrated because we forget to drink water. We feel dizzy when we get up because we remember not having time for lunch. The constant headaches even started to affect our thinking.

Our bags turned into first aid kits, sometimes with prescriptions but mostly self-medication since we didn’t have time to see a doctor either. In a sea of ​​pills we find everything from paracetamol to injections for the severe pain of colitis. We became a team that masked the pain, knowing that it would work temporarily, but it would be a long way from solving the problem. Tell me, would it help anyone if the potholes were covered for a month and in case something happened and we had the same problem again?

If discomfort is triggered, we realize that the signs are always there, but we can’t stop. Life knows this very well. Even if you want to continue to live a good life relying on the sea of ​​medicine, it is impossible.

It is at that moment of complete braking that we realize that self-care is crucial because it makes the difference between preventing an illness or treating it promptly, or being hospitalized and starting a forced care process, which means paying the price.

That’s why, to all my friends and acquaintances, I remind you what someone I love very much always says: You don’t give yourself time to take care of yourself, but you do give yourself time to be sick.

So, give yourself some time, because in order to keep the home machine functioning properly, we have to work 100%.

The first commandment of empowerment should be: Take care of yourself. If we are wrong, we cannot be vigilant. It’s a domino effect.

Please let us take care of ourselves, love ourselves and respect ourselves so that others can do the same and everything will work out.

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