Traileros del Norte band leader and frontman dies

On Saturday morning, Arnulfo López Sánchez, the lead singer and director of the famous band Los Traileros del Norte, passed away.

News of the singer’s tragic death was confirmed by the band and family:

“It is with deep sadness that we inform you that our director and singer Arnulfo Lopez Sánchez has passed away,” the message read.

The singer’s family also thanked fans and the media for their support, while asking for prayers for the artist’s eternal rest.

Arnulfo Lopez Sánchez died after a hard battle with a heart condition that had affected his health in recent weeks. The singer, known for hits such as “Abeja Reina” and “Quisiera ser una lágrima,” is hospitalized in a Monterrey hospital while recovering.

Who is Los Traileros del Norte?

Traileros del Norte are a group from Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.Count on Over 30 years of experience (Since 1983) They have added over 35 albums.

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The name came from the fact that the members of the group were dedicated to the freight towing business and each was a lover of northern music, which led them to follow their dream of forming a music group, which eventually led them to become known as the “Alien Riders” .

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