Travis Scott: “Utopia” is not just an album, but a world

“Get ready to join the Circus Maim, a shocking visual odyssey across the world. Woven from the sounds of the album that make the speakers vibrate. The film is a surreal and psychedelic journey. It unites a collective of visionary filmmakers from around the planet in a kaleidoscopic exploration of human experience and the power of soundscapes”. This is the description of the video project that will be released at the same time as Travis Scott’s new album. “Utopia”, this is the title, is one of the most anticipated records of the year: you can listen on the night between Thursday 27 and Friday 28 July. The fragments of the film’s trailer are powerful and evocative images, between dystopia and dream: the film will be in AMC theaters in the United States.

Flame directed the project together with Gaspar Noah, Nicolas Ref, all directors famous for their unconventional approach to the big screen. The idea behind it is precisely to transport the listener into a universe of sounds and images, an almost mystical and enveloping experience like everything that bears Travis ‘ signature. For him, as he knows who participated in the concert at the Hippodrome La Maura this summer (here our story), performance and image are lifeblood for art, if not art itself, a flow capable of accompanying the music, if not dominating it. The Houston rapper, waiting to release his fourth project “Utopia “(which should be presented with a spectacular live at the Pyramids of Giza), he also unveiled some covers of the record in which you see black men sitting in the car with white eyes and shiny, ghostly, and holding money, in a context of neighborhood, not rich. These are shots signed by Pieter Hugofamous South African photographer. “The journey through ‘Utopia’ has taken me to every corner of the world and is finally about to come out“, wrote Travis Scott taking the hpe

Everything is used to access “Utopia”, which for Travis it is a much broader concept and is not limited to songs. By the way “ ” K-Pop”, the first released track, extracted from the disc, it brings together three giants: La Flame itself is accompanied by Bad Bunny and Thee Theeeknd on sweet, sensual and Latin rhythms. – The Weeknd. A song, which given the scope of the three protagonists, will make more and more giant numbers and will become the soundtrack of the clubs. It is well built on a marketing level, but not very successful on a musical level. Let’s hope it’s just a small appetizer and that the record has a completely different quality. What is certain is that in “Utopia” Travis, helped in the processing by Pharrellilli, will experience and he will play with music, “K-Pop” is proof of this. “Astroor Orld” was an undisputed global success, an event record described by the artist himself as the continuation of “Rodeo” of 2015, what is considered his best album, for this reason “Utopia”, his successor, is at the top of the list of the most talked about projects by admirers. And now it is reality, or rather it is a door that from the real has the ambition to lead to another dimension.

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