BoerEr braids, find out how to make them!

Exist a more beautiful and versatile hairstyle to show off especially in the summer of boer? Born as distinctive element in African tribes: they determined, at the time, their age, social status and religion. Today, they have become a real trend symbol: with the boer You can take them on vacation, but also in everyday life, and even in the workplace because they are perfect for any occasion. They are able to give that added value that everyone expects from such a delicious hairstyle, so much so that, when combined with a little more mature women, they are even able to make them rejuvenate. Would you ever bet on braids like anti-aging remedy? Well, the truth is that there is no age to wear braids one way rather than another: what really matters is to feel comfortable, like yourself and be convinced of the style and trend you follow! However, they exist different types we owe this to the tribes who invented each one to be sure that they could identify belonging to a specific social class. However, even if in our case this is absolutely not the goal, you need someone to explain you step by step how to make boer! Let’s find out together.

BoerEr braids: how to make them yourself step b b

The magical boer

The boer revisit the classic and renowned french braid, definitely worn in a softer version thanks to the outer strands that slide above the central one, creating a look more natural and sensual. They achieved fame back in 2005 thanks to Hilar SMillion Dollar Bab Bab: from then on the boer Zenday and the Kardashian sisters they turned this simple look into a trendy viral phenomenon!


Now, let’s get down to it,and let’s find out in detail how to make the boer

1. Arm yourself with a tail comb, and divide the crown into two sections, recreating the row in the center;

2. Starting from the frontal perimeter of the hair, isolate three heads and weave them correctly, passing the right head under the central one, in order to make it become the new central head;

3. At this point repeat the operation with the left garment, which will automatically become central;

4. To increase the volume of the boer;

5. Continue with the same mode on the left garment, so that they appear the same.

As you proceed, however, remember to carefully follow the outline of the head, paying attention to maintain the garments always well pulled and adhering to the cranial conformity. At this point you just have to complete the boer You can decide to leave them divided on one side and the other, or conclude the braiding making a classic braid with 3 strands, closing it obviously with an elastic band, or at most a scarf for a more lively touch!

Duration of boer

The boer braids are realized in a very short time, once acquired a certain dexterity, but we do not hide that for the first few times it will be necessary to take care of time and patience more, until you get the desired effect. By and large, depending on the style, it will take 1 hour, or at most 2. They have a duration ranging from 4 to 10 days: this depends solely on the type of hair and how resistant the hair is.

Tips for a top effect

If your hair is by nature dull and decidedly dull, we suggest you apply a disciplining fluid, mixed with a couple of vaporizations of illuminating serum, for a decidedly brighter. in this way, not only will the boer Finally, it is good to emphasize that the steps listed above are used to create the most basic, less complex bo bra Once you have gained the necessary experience, you can also have fun recreating more complex hairstyles with four garments: thescenographic effect it is insured.

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