De ohnn De Depp cancels a concert: did the actor feel bad?

De ohnn De Depp is without a shadow of a doubt known for being one of Hollood Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that he is also a member of a band, he is in fact the frontman of the ”Hollood A few nights ago, the band, currently on tour, was supposed to perform in Budapest, but a few minutes before the start of the concert, the fans saw the event canceled.  Immediately it seems to have triggered an “alarm” among the fans of the actor who would have assumed an illness for Depp. According to rumors reported by various international newspapers, De On the spot, a doctor would also come to amplify the concern of the crowd. Everything seemed to be ready and taken care of in mini details, the band had also carried out the necessary rehearsals in the afternoon. Depp allegedly spent a wild party in his hotel room, preventing him from leaving her in time for the concert.

The post on Titter

A user on Twitter he shared a photo of the actor with a glass in his hand, taken just an hour before the concert, pointing out that alcohol abuse may have been the cause of the cancellation of the event. The band has of course confirmed that the tickets will be refunded in full, but the story has not gone unnoticed by the media eye. These were in fact divided between messages of solidarity towards the actor and a “possible relapse” in the vortex of alcoholism and criticism. Most importantly, the support of the fans continues to be there.


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