Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack: A Detailed Review

There has been a lot of hype around new releases in recent months. Nike who see the collaboration of the artist Travis Scotta long-time familiar brand, Beaverton, which, thanks to its stylistic signature, expressed in inverted ticks, is able to make any sneaker very attractive and desirable.

The next silhouette that will have exactly this feature? Nike Mac Attack in “OG” colorway. This shoe boasts an important past dating back to the era when Nike began partnering with athletes in various fields, most notably US Open hero John McEnroe.

Like any self-respecting release, all the hype was conveyed by the small and fleeting appearances of the sneaker in question on the feet of various celebrities, as is the case with LeBron James, and Travis Scott. The rapper himself appeared in the quirky ad campaign, exchanging jabs with McEnroe while wearing the shoe in question in its standard form.

However, we haven’t had a chance to watch it in detail until now, and in fact fans of Swoosh and Travis Scott have been wondering in recent months if La Flame was really involved in the creative process. putting his signature on the shoe, or he just contributed to the revival of the basic silhouette.

Through official images appeared in the last few hours, confirmation of the imminent release seems to have already arrived. The shoes in question were worn by Travis Alla. Miami Race Week, comes in an original colorway that combines gray panels and black details, such as an inverted textured leather Swoosh logo on a mesh backing. The famous inscriptioncacti jack” stands out on the heel, confirming the collaboration with the artist.

At the moment, there’s no official launch yet, but with the leaks ramping up, we might expect to have a chance to try and get a pair through Nike’s official channels towards the end of the year. .

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