Trenque Lauquen among the 10 best films of the year | According to Cahiers du Cinema

Cahiers du Cinema, a famous French film magazinefilm notebook) Choose independent films “Lauken Train”directed by an Argentinian director Laura Citarella tops her list of the top ten movies of the year. This is the first time in 69 years that a film from Latin America has topped the list.

Taken in a small town Lauken train, The film tells the story of Laura (Laura Paredes) and her geographical journey through the city that shelters her. And combine it with the virtuous cycle of the lagoon, wrap it in stories and myths, deploy all the magic and passages, all the possible and never imagined routes in the Odyssey. Throughout her journey, successive voices fit together like a puzzle at the center of which is one woman’s path, the fate of others, and the geographical journey of Buenos Aires as a result of that unique encounter.

Produced by El Pampero Cine, La Plata’s fourth film directed by Divided into two parts, two hours each, with an interval in between, combines genres from romantic comedies to fantasy and detective work. Trenque Lauquen achieved this recognition after a long journey through festivals such as Venice, San Sebastian, New York and Rotterdam.

“The original idea was to continue the saga that started ostend. A character, in a small town in Buenos Aires, observes and changes everything around her, immersed in a vast novelistic display”In January this year, on the occasion of the film’s premiere at an independent cinema in the city of Buenos Aires, Citarella announced to this newspaper.

“This time it was in Trunklauken, which by the way is where my family is from, where I spent my childhood summers and where I love to be. That’s why I wanted to film a film there The idea of ​​​​the film, there is no narrative related to the local people in the film, but the geography of the place, its many inhabitants and many of its customs do participate,” concludes the recently decorated. director.

The film has been screened several times in his hometown this year. Maybe this tribute deserves more features.

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