Tucuman has no positive dengue cases for 24 consecutive days – Tucumán Ministry of Public Health

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, referred to the epidemiological situation in the province during a press conference this Friday, and in the context of commemorating World Dengue Day tomorrow, he announced that Tucumán has recorded There have been no positive cases of the disease for 24 days.

Against this background, the Minister Luis Medina Ruiz The positive nature of the news was underscored, especially since this year, despite the winter, cases are still being registered:

“Today we can already say that we do not have or detect dengue virus transmission. In any case, the fact that we have been dengue-free for 24 days does not mean that we have to lower our guard, because there are still cases in northern Salta, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. cases, the weather is hot, if we don’t control the reservoirs, there will be breeders, and if dengue patients come in and get bitten by mosquitoes, there will definitely be new outbreaks.”

Following this line, the health chief stressed that detailed epidemiological surveillance will continue, while work on litter and public awareness continues: “This work reflects the fact that despite the heat, there are not so many Mosquitoes. This is a good sign and means that citizens are working hard, because although the work of the state and the Ministry of Health is very intense, the active participation of citizens is crucial, and the advice we give, the orders we issue in various ways, are being sent Reaching thousands of households, we’re seeing them produce results.”

On the possibility of the world getting a dengue vaccine, Medina Ruiz commented that a Japanese-origin vaccine would be available by the end of the year, although he insisted that the dose is just another tool, not the ultimate solution to the problem : “The tool is the vaccine, but we also continue to use debris to fight the reservoir. By the end of the year, we will likely have a vaccine, which is possible, but we stick to what we have on hand, which is to continue to use debris in our homes and surroundings. , work in the gardens and eliminate breeding grounds”.

Regarding the operation until the end of the month of the vaccination sites located in the streets of Mendoza and Muñecas, the minister said that the possibility of extending the development period of its mission is being evaluated because of the large influx of people who have been vaccinated there: “At noon last Saturday, they had already 150 people have been vaccinated and more than 200 doses have been given, which is a very good thing. Each dose is for people who are less at risk of severe COVID-19, flu or pneumonia, so we appreciate the work of our node people, and of course the communities that insist on vaccinating and protecting themselves.”

“Health never stops, our nodes and hospitals are available. We must take advantage of the possibility of vaccination. Let us remember that the flu shot is available and it is free, despite the fact that it is It is not mandatory or planned for people, but in Tucumán we offer the possibility for anyone who wants to be vaccinated, regardless of their condition, whether he has social work or not, he can do it because We have a vaccine,” he said.

In terms of health operations, the minister emphasized that this weekend, continuing the week of work in the valley, operations will be carried out in Amaicha del Valle and Colalao del Valle, with more than 50 professionals to control the risks of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity factor crowd.

“Our teams go to Amacha and Corralau del Valle to serve people who have difficulty accessing health care. The provincial government asks us to be close to the people and not wait for them to come to us, some people may have Chronic disease, it’s hard to see a cardiologist or GP, and these surgeries are specifically for them,” he said. he claimed.

Regarding the economic environment that the country is in, the Minister calmly stated that the Ministry of Public Health is predictive about the purchase of inputs for at least three or four months.

“In Tucuman, everything needed for medicines, disposables and surgery is guaranteed. Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to public health and education in Argentina; The hospital receives the highest quality and free care. I think we must value these services, our scientists, we are entering into an agreement with CONICET and the University, in a short period of time we will be developing and producing a biolarvicide in Tucumán, we have There could be an agreement with Cuba to develop a dengue vaccine etc., which is why we have to reconsider when someone doubts the importance of this,” he concluded.

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