Two ex-Boca and a former Miss World contestant: the love relationships Argentinian football talks about

Victoria Carante is the new girlfriend of Martín Payero and the partner of Cristian Pavón

This Tuesday, a post on Instagram revolutionized the social network, following the former footballer Boca Juniors, Martin Paierowill appear with his new girlfriend and model Victoria Callant. The thing is, the young woman born in La Pampa knows how to start a love story with another former football player from La Pampa. Senezeahead Christian Pavin.

Oddly, the athletes haven’t shared a locker room for several days.The thing is Payer He joined Ribeira in July 2022, with the striker coming out of Talleres free in June of that year, just before joining Atlético Mineiro. So what directly links them is their time at Boca and Victoria Calante.

The 24-year-old model, who represented the province of La Pampa in the Miss World Argentina beauty pageant in 2017, confirmed her romance with Santiago del Estero native Avril Marco this week. Payer. The two embraced in the post and told fans they decided to bet on love.

Victoria Carante competes in Miss World Argentina beauty pageant

The news did not go unnoticed as some users remembered her as Parveen’s co-star in 2021. The woman even took part in the celebrations of the team that won the Argentine Cup under Miguel Ángel Russo in December of that year.

The model must now start her new life in England as her boyfriend has returned to Middlesbrough, the club that owns her pass. According to the team’s head coach Michael Carrick, he plans to take this into account this season. He has even increased his playing time in friendly matches, so he will settle in England this season to find the continuity that he does not have in the game. . When he got off the ship from Banfield, where he spent his first spell, the deal fetched about $8 million.

Victoria Calante and Martin Paero
Victoria Kalant and Christian Pavin

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