Uh oh. Did Marcus Jordan allegedly cheat on Larsa Pippen?

Looks like ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star Larsa Pippen might be feeling blues ahead of Valentine’s Day, rumors suggest She has broken up with Marcus Jordan Cheating excessively.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Pippen posted a poll on her Instagram asking: “Should your friends unfollow your ex?” She also posted a clip of Morgan Freeman talking about trusting your inner voice ’s video, which interestingly was originally posted on an Instagram page called Breakup rebound.

Pippen also made sure to delete all photos with Jordan from her feed.

Pippen then used a chart to talk about how to choose your partner wisely, “The partner you choose affects everything in your life. Your mental health, your inner peace, the love in your heart, your happiness, how you spend your life. Live through tragedy, your success, how your children will grow up, etc.” This leads us to ask, did Jordan cheat on Pippen?

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Jordan has gone the undisturbed route, deleting all photos of Pippen from his timeline, except to post a selfie with his father, the legendary Michael Jordan, on his Instagram Story yesterday. The setting is Drake’s “first-person shooter.”

As previously reported, Michael Jordan seemed mostly unfazed by his son’s choice to date Pippen, the ex-wife of former Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen. In July 2023, the former Chicago Bulls player laughed and yelled “No!” when TMZ asked him if he was okay with the relationship. However, Marcus tried his best to convince curious fans that his father was just joking and never really “interfered” in his love life.

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The age gap between the mother-of-four and the athlete has always cast doubt on the relationship, with the pair being nearly two decades apart. However, since they announced they were boyfriend and girlfriend in January 2023, the two have always been seen together. They even talked about the possibility of getting married and having children together.

Pippen could barely function without her husband by her side, asking him to film “Real Housewives” with her, “Renegade” (where they became the first couple to compete together), and even started a TV show together called “Separation Anxiety” “Podcast. ” ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ reunion It’s coming out soon, and maybe we’ll see the culmination of this relationship’s collapse there.

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