Uncertainty over Argentina as Lionel Messi may miss game against Bolivia

Argentina are totally unsure Its biggest star and captain Lionel Messi has undergone a medical to determine if he has any injuries that could rule him out of the South American 2026 World Cup qualifier against Bolivia.

Also in the first round of qualifying against Ecuador, Messi pointed to coach Lionel Scaloni’s bench and asked for changes after scoring his 104th goal. Made shortly after, it ultimately earned him his first three points for Albiceleste.

The atmosphere in Argentina right now is filled with uncertainty because As of now, the test results on the 10th have not been made public. rule out or confirm any harm.

Scaloni himself confirmed Messi’s condition just hours after the game against Ecuador, but he never suggested that Messi might be at risk for the game in La Paz due to a right thigh problem.

“He asks me for change. I don’t take it out if I don’t have it. We’ll evaluate it later and see what’s in it. I don’t know what Leo has. He’s asking for change because he feels something. They’ll learn, If he is okay, he will travel. If not, we will see what we do,” the coach commented at a press conference at the Mas Monument in Buenos Aires.

Footage of Messi entering the medical center broadcast by TyC Sports caused a large number of fans to visit the facility to seek answers and express support for the star.

Official information on whether Messi will be able to travel to Bolivia is expected to be released this Sunday, minutes before the team boards the flight. Or instead, he could head straight to Miami to begin his recovery with the team.

Messi’s only goal now puts Argentina ahead in the South American qualifiers, with them level on three points with first-day winners Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia.

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