Uncharted may have a sequel to the film with Tom Holland

One of the series of video games released by Sony that has become a huge success is unknown, which currently consists of 4 main chapters and two spin-offs. From this video game saga, first a comic book prequel was born, and then a film adaptation starring actor Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, the film’s protagonist. unknown acts as a prequel to the adventures told in the games upon its distribution on February 18, 2022 in the US states and February 17 of the same year in the Italian states. Many fans are wondering if there will be a cinematic sequel where the stories featured in the game’s chapters will be shown on the big screen.

A sequel to the film may hit theaters

Plot of the film unknown Seeing Nathan Drake, joined by his partner Sally, embark on a perilous journey to find the greatest lost treasure as they set to work, they also follow clues that could lead to the discovery of Nathan’s long-lost brother. The film was well received by the public and, according to Sony producer Charles Raven, Al. Hollywood Reporterthe whole team enjoyed being in the film, and the company was delighted that the film also included people who did not know the franchisees.

During an interview, Raven said that this is the reason they want to make another movie related to unknown and that’s all he can say for now.
The possible sequel was predictable given the way the film ended, and made it clear to viewers that a new chapter in the adventures of Nathan Drake would also be created thanks to the success it had at the box office, grossing $410 million worldwide during a difficult period for the film. movie world as anti-COVID rules were recently relaxed and audiences were still very reluctant to return to cinemas.

To the cinema unknown, viewers have seen Nathan Drake, who is very different from what he appears in the Nughy Dog video games, and viewers want to see this particular explorer in future films. So it’s no surprise that Sony is considering releasing a sequel, which will likely feature a more mature Nathan Drake, able to open up a new franchisee based on the world of exploration and adventure to the film world and go to the flank. heroes of the same genre as Indiana Jones AND Lara Croft.

There is plenty of time, given that there seems to be only one idea so far, and the strike of actors and writers is still ongoing, and therefore it is unlikely that it will be possible to produce it right away. Also, Tom Holland recently stated that while he is grateful to be part of the Hollywood world, he would like to move away from show business as he is not very comfortable in it. Fans hope that his decision is temporary and that he can return to the big screen again as Nathan Drake. unknown what, perhaps, Peter Parker-Spider-Man in the fourth chapter of the saga of Spiderman.

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