United States of America: We do not support Israel’s reoccupation of Gaza

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that they want full control over the security of the Gaza Strip and gave the message of “indefinite occupation.” The US State Department is IsraelThey did not support the reoccupation of Gaza IsraelHe announced that they were clearly informed.

US State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel answered reporters’ questions at the press conference. Patel answered a question related to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements that they “will bear responsibility for Gaza’s security after the war.”

“We do not support Israel’s occupation of Gaza again.” Patel said that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed this clearly to his interlocutors during his visit to Israel.

On the other hand, Patel stated that there could be no return to the “status quo of October 6” and said that Israel should be safe in the region and Gaza should not be a base for “terrorist attacks.”

Following the developments, a statement was issued from the White House. The statement stressed that Biden and Netanyahu are not on the same point on every issue, and said: “Israel and the United States are friends, but we do not need to agree word for word on every issue.”

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