US Open 2023 | Novak Djokovic makes surprising remarks about his future

Novak Djokovic achieve fundamental victory Taylor Fritz and enter US Open semifinalswhere he will face Ben Sheldon… After a match he won in three sets without too many problems, he made a comment that caused quite a stir among fans who wanted to continue watching him play for a long time.

He knew it a few days ago, so the Serbian brought Have peace of mind knowing you will be No. 1 in the world again Next September 11th, no matter how it ends main The New Yorker, whether or not Carlos Alcaraz becomes the champion.

Although he defeated the 25-year-old American in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4, 6-4, the fact is that he also had some negative moments. Without further explanation, He suffered a break at the start of the match and showed some flaws in his serve. But the North Americans’ inability to remain consistent in decisive moments made the difference in the game.

The Serbian had a great time with the public after reaching the semi-finals.

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Novak Djokovic’s words paralyze US Open

After the game, Belgrade Shares some statements in front of Arthur AsheSad to see a local tennis player fall, but happy to see the legendary tennis player seeking a fourth title in the tournament.

In this sense, one of the questions he received was about his return to the top of the ATP rankings and how he feels about it. “I faced a lot of adversity and we tried with my family to have the opportunity to play this sport. I’m grateful to everyone who supports me and follows me,” he began.

This sentence then reminds all tennis fans that he is 36 years old and at some point his body will ask him to stop. “I don’t know how much longer I can do this because of my age, so I’m enjoying it”, he sentenced. For many, it’s a bit sad to bring up the topic, to be missed knowing that an old legend is retiring.

Djokovic remains strong at U.S. Open.

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last year, Roger Federer hangs up his racket He bid farewell to tennis with 20 Grand Slams. Rafael Nadal, 22 major champions, did not retire, but he stayed away from the court for almost the entire season to recuperate. Carrying 23 on the backNoel did not explicitly indicate that he might retirealthough he can sometimes be seen restless and has some logical wear and tear.

During one of the passages during the match with Fritz, De Joker made a tired face. This was seen throughout the season but was all forgotten due to the incredible results he achieved on the field.

With this victory, he reached the Grand Slam semi-finals for the 47th time, breaking the record held by Roger Federer. Everything points to him being close to a 24th title in this category, although before that he may have to face Carlos Alcaraz again, from whom he lost by passing the first round at Flushing Meadows Karas took over the world number one spot.

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