Vaccination campaign for minors begins

On Monday, Oaxaca state health department workers began a vaccination campaign for girls and boys under one year old to increase coverage against different preventable diseases.

In this campaign, which ended on October 6 this year, the authorities of the Oaxaca State Health Service (SSO) aimed to administer more than 38,273 doses of vaccine, 16,575 of which were hexavalent and 4 1,117 of which were hepatitis B, 8,472 doses were for hepatitis B vaccine. against rotavirus and 9,109 against pneumococci.

The goal is to achieve more than 90% coverage against these diseases among the population under one year old. According to the National Health Survey and Nutrition of that year, by 2021 the region has the worst coverage, with the states of Morelos, Guerrero and Puerto Rico. Same as Ebla State (11.7%).

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According to health officials, the aim of the drive is also to identify delays in vaccination of boys and girls under one year and between one and six years old and to complete the vaccination schedule under the basic vaccination programme.

Two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit and minors were restricted, vaccination coverage has fallen sharply, with southern states recording the worst rates.

On Monday, SSO also started a vaccination campaign against the human papillomavirus (HPV), focusing on girls in fifth and sixth grades and children aged 11 and 12 who are not in school, and children aged 13, 14 and 15 group. Completion of the vaccination schedule is required.

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