Valencian Athletes | From Blanquer to Blanquer, Valencia’s Olympic dream legend

Paula wants to be a teacher. But since I was very young. “Sometimes I would walk across her room and she would have all her dolls and stuffed animals on a bench facing the blackboard,” her father said. Before, she had already dressed up: put on the most teacher-like clothes, put on high heels, and painted her lips. He started reciting the text to his toy. But not just any lessons: yours. “It has helped me a lot in my studies. I have always liked to exhibit in public so that I can better preserve my work. In fact, now in practice I encourage children to use Spanish and Valencian Oral presentations,” he said. Of course, Paula is studying to be a teacher…and she’s an athlete. Because of all of this, she wants to compete in the Olympics…as her father, Rafa Blancer, did in Montreal in 1976.

“It’s everyone’s goal, it attracts attention,” said Paula Blancquer, the daughter of a great figure in Valencia athletics, although the young woman struggled both indoors and out. is an absolute national medalist, but she still shows caution. “We have to take it one step at a time. Just as kids have their stages before they become adults, so do athletes. You don’t have to set your goals as high as the Olympics. In the long run, yes, if that happens, we’ll see, said the father and the coach.

«But if I have the minimum money, I will go. You have to take advantage of the moments you never know,” she replied. Paula Blanquer, who had just finished runner-up in the 100m hurdles in Torrent, Spain with 13.36 points, is battling Law Laura Banko was fighting for the gold, who beat her by a tenth. It is true that the favorites Xènia Benach and Teresa Errandonea were not there. But the Valencian did achieve in 2023 Big leaps: Bronze medal at National Indoors, silver a few days ago, or a personal best (13.22) a few days ago in her target competition, the European Under-23s. Stats sum up a great season.

It was a moment with an emotional component: Paula Blancaer’s victory in the Valencia City Conference hurdles in Luis Puig in January. That race closed the circle a bit on a symbolic level, as its second name was “In Memory of Emilio Ponce.” “It’s a really good thing. I trained with him in this iconic facility, and besides, I gave the award to my daughter, who won…” concluded Rafa Blankel. “I didn’t get to meet him, but it was spectacular to win in my city and my dad give me the trophy,” she said. “Yes, if you knew him,” he replied. This report contains a human conversation, both the natural pulse of a father and daughter, and a coach-athlete conversation, from a veteran coach patiently trying to set an example for his students to one who now wants to conquer the world athlete’s dialogue.

Asked when he realized there was an athlete in Paula: “I do carry a lot of sports with me. You see she has a lot of speed and the flexibility of her ankles is impressive, in addition to the physical and mental impact. Some very good people don’t have the brains to face things, and she did.

Paula Blanker is a jewel in the Valencia club Athletic, how could it be otherwise? In addition to his personal success, he has become an important part of the Division of Honor team and is a major favorite in league and cup competitions every year. “You see what he is: spontaneous, authentic but in a bad mood, so he runs so long, so powerful. If you’re not aggressive in this type of competition, you can’t do anything. Plus, she’s hardworking She is studious and has many values,” her father defined her.

The youngster is 20 years old, so this is her first season as an Under-23 player. But Paula is a cradle athlete because she plays the sport her father and mother instilled in her. “Nobody forced me. Indeed, sometimes you think: ‘I’ll go out with my friends instead of training’. But when you see the markers appear, you know it’s worth continuing,” explains the athlete.

She could have become a long jumper like her father, the first Spaniard to break the 8-meter barrier and become a European medalist. In fact, he trained with Niurka Montalvo before teaming up with Rafa Blancer. “I also practiced hurdling with Ana Torrijos and my heart was a little bit broken,” admitted Paula Blankel.

Natural selection did the rest. The results came in, and the track team won the hurdles with a huge shot. He occasionally returns to length or speed competitions, although in the Spanish championship, with three races, it was more complicated. You have to manage short-term and long-term forces. Complete a lap at the Olympic Arena. From blanc to blanc. Montreal to…

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