Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2023: the most beautiful beauty looks

It’s a long night for the Oscars. After the awards ceremony, the festivities continue with the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, the usual appointment that sees the stars gather once again in the spotlight.

Another défilé, another look for the stars who, having given up the clothes and hairstyles of a few hours earlier, come back to unleash other beauty weapons of seduction, but also of romance. As Gigi Hadid, beautiful with her old Hollywood angel waves, soft and sinuous at the right point, perfect for framing her make-up with a feline look, but not too much. They follow closely, albeit with waves with different textures, Jessica Alba, with bouncy hair, Olivia Rodrigo and its crumpled effect waves and Riley Keough with XL lengths mermaid effect.

But here too, as on the champagne carpet, it was the crops that won out. If the chignon conquers – see the tall and hyper chic one by Emily Ratajkowski or the classic one of Kate Bosworth -, to captivate is also the refined, rigorous and shiny hairstyle of Kylie Jenner and the wet effect, with strands falling along the face, of Vanessa Hudgens.

The make-up side is a little more daring than a few hours before. Sharp looks, given by strokes of black eye-liner or intense shades, define the eye – read, among others, Christina Aguilera, Karolina Kurkova and her emerald green cat eye like the dress and more Emily Ratajkowski -, but the glitter figurine goes Jodie Turner Smith and her red lips, encrusted with sparkling effects. Wow!

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